Tutti Frutti Mini Memories Pocket Album

Saturday, March 22, 2008

This savvy little mini album is simple, smart, sophisticated and FAST!  You are going to LOVE it!  And, best of all, from START to FINISH you can have a COMPLETE album in LESS than 1 HOUR!


I designed this mini album because I needed something to showcase my Easter photos in.  Of course, I choose one of my FAVORITE paper collections ... TUTTI FRUTTI!  After all, it SCREAMS Spring & Easter.

So, let's get started.

First, I constructed the INSERT pages of my mini album.  I took 2 sheets of my Tutti Frutti paper and cut each to 8 x 9.  Then I scored each sheet using my Scor-Pal. 

On the diagram below the BLACK lines indicate the first set of score marks I made.  The PURPLE line indicates the score I made after I had scored and folded the BLACK score lines, however, you can score all lines at this point if you wish.


This is what my paper looked like after scoring on the BLACK lines.  (As indicated in the diagram above).


Then I folded in the sides like this ...


Did you notice (ABOVE) that I cut each corner diagonally.  Then, with my adhesive, I attached the folds to the BOTTOM half of the paper.  NOTE ... I ONLY attached the FOLDS on the BOTTOM at this point!


Now my 1/2" folds on BOTTOM are secured to the BOTTOM half of the paper.  Now, I am going to use my adhesive and apply it to the TOP 1/2" folds.  (I'm going to put my adhesive on the colored 1/2" piece of paper and NOT the white).  Then I'll fold the TOP half onto the BOTTOM half of paper.  It will only be attached at the sides.


Here is an alternate way to construct your INSERT pages.  On one HALF of the page you can trim off the 1/2" on each side and then tape down the 1/2" FLAP to the TOP page.  (I trimmed off the 1/2" AFTER I scored it).  Either way works GREAT!  You decide what you like best.


This is what may INSERT page looks like now.  Looking at this it APPEARS like the ends each have a spine.  They don't.  It's purely an optical illusion!


Next, I score my INSERT page down the center and fold it in half.


Then I punched slots using my circle punch.  To make it easier for myself ... I punch these from 'behind' and use the lines on the punch to line up my paper.  I do this on each pocket to try and keep my mini album consistent and POLISHED.


After punching out each slot ... I decided to add a little more POLISH.  I took my scissors and trimmed the 'sharp' edges into CURVES ... just to soften the overall look of my mini album.


Next, I set aside my INSERT pages and began construction on my mini album COVER

For my COVER I used a piece of 4 x 8 Premium White Cardstock and a piece of 4 x 8 Clear Acetate.  I scored each piece in HALF as shown below.


Next, I punched a hole in my CLEAR ACETATE with my Crop-a-dile.  Notice that I fold the edges together and made ONE punch.  This way I don't have to worry about one side being off center.  Both sides are PERFECTLY even and POLISHED.


After that I attached two ORANGE eyelets from our Mia's Cottage Collection.


Then I strung through a piece of ORANGE ribbon, again, from our GORGEOUS Mia's Cottage Collection.


I set this piece aside for a moment and attached TWO pieces of patterned paper to the WHITE COVER of my mini album.  Both of these pieces are from the TOP sheet that comes in our CLASSIC Soar With It Collections.  I keep all of these little pieces so I found TWO that matched, trimmed and then attached them to my mini album COVER.  They make such a GREAT front and back!


Next, I assembled all of my mini album COMPONENTS in order and prepared to STAPLE them into place.


From FRONT to BACK ... this is the order ... Insert Page, Insert Page, WHITE Cover, CLEAR Acetate Cover.

And then I STAPLED my mini album together.



Typically, I try to center my STAPLE between the edge and the ribbon and then the NEXT STAPLE between the ribbon and the other edge.

Make certain that the FINISHED edge of the STAPLE is on the OUTSIDE of your mini album.

Also ... not all STAPLERS work!  Make sure you have a STAPLER with a LONG neck! 


After STAPLING my mini album together it looked like this from the OUTSIDE ...


And this from the INSIDE ...


Here's a snapshot of the FINISHED construction ...


To EMBELLISH my mini album I used our PREMIUM White Cardstock.  (My FAVORITE Cardstock!).  I wanted to make INSERT pieces for the POCKETS I had created.  I cut my cardstock 3-1/2 x 3-3/4.  I embellished with RIBBON (the PURPLE in Juliette and Winchester go FABULOUSLY with this collection!), photographs and the cardstock STICKERS in my Tutti Frutti Collection.




This little mini album is so much FUN to make and it's FAST!  If you don't typically incorporate CLEAR Acetate into your projects ... I encourage you to start!  I know you will be amazed with the POLISH you can ONLY get by incorporating this product.  I promise ... it will take your projects from GREAT to SIMPLY STUNNING before your very eyes! 

I hope you ENJOY making this savvy little mini album as much as I did!

If you need to replenish your supplies, have questions with a product, technique or are interested in one of the products I've used here please contact your ANGEL and she'll be happy to assist you!  If you don't have an Angel yet ... click on SHOP NOW on our homepage and find one in your area today!

My Supply List for this Project:

  1. Tutti Frutti SWIC  V826

  2. Clear Acetate  F47

  3. Premium White Cardstock  V222

  4. Scor-Pal  F358

  5. Extra Jumbo Circle Punch  D72

  6. Crop-A-Dile  K100

  7. Mia's Cottage Hardware  B118

  8. Mia's Cottage Ribbon  B218

  9. Juliette Ribbon  B221

  10. Winchester Ribbon  B216

  11. Miss Moxie Ribbon  B219

  12. Paper Trimmer

  13. Tombow Adhesive  D91

  14. Sanding Block  F103

  15. Stapler

  16. Scissors

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