#180 Dahlia Block

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

I LOVE this flower SOOOOOO much ... as you'll be seeing from my posts ...

This is the same pattern I continue to use from Mille Makes it's called Something Pretty the Pattern.

The only thing I do different is that I only crochet 2 sc's in between each cluster.  Mille does 3.  I like a tighter design and 2 sc's gives me that.

ROUND 1 of Block (WHITE): 
After the flower was made I joined my white in one of the 2-ch spaces and did 3 single chains, 2 dc's.
In the next 2 spaces I did 3 double chains.
Corner:  1 dc, 2 tc, chain 2, 2 tc, 1 dc (First corner is now made)
In the next 3 - 2 chain spaces - 3 dc

Repeat this until you make your way around to where you began and join with a sl st to the 3-ch.
Fasten off white and weave in ends.

ROUND 2 of Block (GREEN):
This round you will be working in the BACK LOOP ONLY of the chain border around the block.
Sl st into back loop of white.  If you started at the 3 chain sp from the round prior you will now do this:

Dc in 5th stitch to the right of the left hand corner (SERIOUSLY, RIGHT?!)
Then dc in the 6th stitch - the stitch to the RIGHT of the dc you just made.  You are making an X.
Skip a stitch and dc in the 3rd stitch from the left hand corner.
Now double crochet over the stitch you just made into the 4th stitch from the corner.  Again making an X.
Dc in the next stitch.
2tc, ch 2 in first corner stitch
2tc, ch1 in next corner stitch
Dc in the next stitch
You just made your first corner.

Remember to only use the BACK Loops and continue making your dc X's down the row.  You'll make 7 of these.

Now Corner #2:
Dc in the next stitch.
2tc, ch 2 in first corner stitch
2tc, ch1 in next corner stitch
Dc in the next stitch

Repeat the 7 sets of X's and the corner stitches until you come back to the start.  sl st together and fasten off.

ROUND 3 of Block (BLUE):

Sl between any group of dc's and sc, ch2 in that space.  Continue to do this between each group of X's.

When you get to a corner - count 3 total stitches as a group.  So you will sc, ch 2 after your last X - before the corner and then sc, ch 2, sc, ch 2 and now you are out of the corner.

sc, ch 2 between each X.
Repeat corners as listed above.

Work around the block and fasten off blue.

ROUND 4 of Block (GREEN):
sl st to any ch 2 space of blue and ch2, 2hdc.
3hdc's in each 2ch blue space.

Corners:  2hdc, ch 2, 2hdc

Continue this pattern around block and fasten off green when finished.  Weave in ends.

I used the last two rounds of the SC Beginner Swatch to finish this.  I adjusted my stitches to match to counts necessary on these rounds by evenly distributing my stitches around.  (Like that made any sense!)

I hope this isn't as confusing as it sounds to me! And here is what the back of my block looks like, unblocked of course!

My Cup Runneth Over,

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