#179 Crochet Along

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

It seems like forever since I've done a blog post ... that's what happens when you're busy doing nothing.  LOL!  I joined a Crochet Along that started at the beginning of the year by Hodgepodge - it's an Afghan Sampler and I thought that'd be perfect for me!  I need to learn some new stuff.

The first block was super easy.  A single crochet square by Tanya Naser

I followed the directions with my square ... but still need to block it.


The next square was this Sunflower Window by Kimberlie Goodnough.

Here is my square ... not yet blocked.

And then my mind started swirling.  I had an idea whizzing around in my mind ... for a project I've been wanting to make ... so I made this:

I replaced the 1D center with a 3D flower and then followed Kimberlie's rounds on my green and blue rounds.  Then I needed to enclose it so I just did a simple granny border.  I LOVE how it turned out!

Then I thought ... I want to make another square with the flower.  {it's that create/design in odd #'s thing} So I made this:

I just made up the border as I went ... until it reached the size it needed to be.

The next square released was Rose's Garden by Crafy Ridge:

A great square ... but this is my take on it ... a little less is more for me.  {Plus all of the tails I would have needed to weave in} Yeah, my photography sucks!  It's my camera phone ... I need to get a new base unit for my Canon ... but not today.  {smiles}

And then ... I thought of another design I should try: 

Without a doubt ... my leaves need some work ...

Yesterday another pattern was released ... Secret Garden by Spider Mambo Designs:

I've worked it up as shown ... but you probably already know it's inspired me to create 2 new blocks ... which I haven't photographed yet ... again working in odd numbers.

So far ... it's been super inspiring for me ... even if my finished afghan looks nothing like the actual crochet along.  {smiles}  It's good to be creative!

My Cup Runneth Over,

YARN I'm using:
Caron Simply Soft Robin's Egg Blue
Caron Simply Soft Pistachio
Caron Simply Soft White

Yes ... the yarn does split when crocheting ... but I still LOVE it!

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