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Thursday, February 03, 2011


So this is my first RETIFORM card in YEARS!  It took me a LONG time to finish ~ I started it months ago and wrapped it up months later.  {smiles}  I knew there wasn't a hurry so it got set on the back-burner for quite some time.

I wanted to use this set (when I started this card it was football season) and make a card with our school colors which are Texas Orange and Black!  YUM!  I decided to add in some gray because it goes with everything right!

I hadn't intended on stamping in every box around my image but I forgot what I was doing and before I knew it ~ almost every inch of this card had 'KICK OFF' stamped on it somewhere.  Oh well.  I don't think it's terribly awful!


I like adding layers on top of the RETIFORM card base.  I used pop dots to pop my image up and give my card additional depth.


Here are the inks I used ~ Tangelo, Potters Clay, London Fog and Tuxedo Black Memento Inks.  I also used these foam make-up sponges to get a smoother finish.  LOVE these GORGEOUS colors!


So ~ I TOTALLY forgot I had already made a RETIFORM card and prepared this blog post ... and it was only like 2 days ago I did this!  Oh my!  LOL!

So ~ I thought I needed to get a RETIFORM card made because I hadn't crossed if off my list yet.  I have 2 more cards that I was going to feature but you can't see the RETIFORM in them so I'm posting them later.  {God bless me, I'm a mess!}  The card I'm sharing today shows you how I achieved the 'retiform' parts of the card.


So ~ time to get started.  I am mesmerized by this timeless and classic retiform card by Heather Scott.  {below}  I wanted to try and recreate something of my own while using her card as my teacher.  So I placed it on an easel in front of my workspace.  My inspiration piece:

Then I decided to try something I've NEVER done before.  I pulled out my cardstock and looked at palette's that I wanted to work with.  Then I looked for ink to match.  It's SO much easier to create when you have your inks and papers pulled and ready to go!  {smiles}


I created a custom swatch for this card ~ I'm visual so this helps me stay on course.  And, packaging doesn't always reflect the true beauty of a color.

For my card I am using VersaMagic ink ~ OMGosh!  LOVE this ink and it's great for this technique because it blends and layers beautifully leaving you with a luscious, rich finish.  I have pulled Sage, Spanish Olive, Pumpkin Spice, Sahara Sand, Pixie Dust, Pink Petunia and Pink Grapefruit.  Gorgeous!


I cleaned up my work area and surrounded myself with the supplies I was using.  I opened up my Inspiration Book so that my main stamp set was in front of me.  WOW!  Look at me go!


The GORGEOUS sample in our Inspiration Book also drove my creativity and inspired my final result!


I gathered up some scratch paper that I'll use as masks, ripped it up and applied glue from my glue marker to the back of my masks.  After the glue dries ~ the back of your mask will act like a sticky note does. 


I am using these makeup sponges because all of my hydra sponges are designated for other colors and I don't have any others on hand.  {I'm obsessed!  Every color needs its own supplies}

So ... apply the mask and sponge your color on.


Remove the mask.


I then layered on my stamped images with the same green.
I applied my next mask and ink as shown.


My paper slipped off so I stopped and called the pink good!


I inked up my stamp with the same pink, reapplied my mask and stamped only in the pink section.

OH NO!  It's about now that I realize I've done it wrong.  Oh well.  As tempted as I am to start over I'm not going to.  I can make this work!  Notice on Heather's card that she has TWO really crisp lines for the ripped cardstock as she began shading from the mask to the edge.  I pulled my green from the edge of the card versus my masked line.  Saddums.  But ... I still LOVE what I have so far so let's just see what happens!


Sponge on more green ~ as shown.


Then I layered on more green with my stamped images. 

I applied Tombow Mono Adhesive to my frame as it has a small applicator at one end that works well for smaller projects.

I used Copic Markers R11 and R20 to color in my bird.  And then added more color and stamping.

NOTE:  The flat tone of my bird.  Look specifically at its eye ...


I later took a brown marker and used it to add some dimension and depth to the birds eye.


I think this card may have looked better had I left off the 'hope perches in my soul' HOWEVER that was one of the parts I just COULDN'T leave off!  This girls soul needs HOPE perched in it!

So here's my card next to the masterpiece.  You notice I placed my watermark signature under the masterpiece!  Ok ~ it really did look best there.  It is funny though!

Heather's card is certainly more striking and one of the reasons is because of her color palette.  She is working with two complimentary colors and next to each other they are BAM!  PERFECT colors for her card and her images.  The entire package Heather selected works well together!

I choose colors that to me read more feminine, soft and delicate.  A softer statement.  These are all details that set the tone for the final result.


Guess what I didn't use ... Glossy Accents ... even though Heather did!


Here you can really see the brown I added to the image to help define my bird.


I also decided to emboss on a couple of layers because the card seemed so one dimensional to me.  Now it's busier than I'll get out! {smiles}


This is a technique that just requires you to go for it!  If you just can't seem to get started then find a card you like that is done with this technique and recreate it using your own palette and images.

Additional Notes/Supplies for Hope card:  My final card used only Pixie Dust and Spanish Olive VersaMagic Inks, Transcendence Emboss Powder, Nesties Dies and a brown marker.

Happy Paper Crafting!


.... now let's go make another card!

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  1. What fabulous card!!! My favorite is the bird card...SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! I used to think I didn't like this technique, but I may have to reconsider

  2. I'm with Trudy! That bird card is one of my favorite ALL TIME EVER cards...I love how you layered beneath the scallop circle and all of the individual stamps you used added such detail. sigh...gorgeous.

  3. Oh My Goodness. These cards are breathtaking. Amazing Mischelle! You have out done yourself once again.

  4. WOW!!! I love all of these cards and the color palettes that you used .. just FABULOUS! The instructions and showing us how you did all of the effects is great too!

  5. Love s Mischelle ... I like your palette of colors and selection of images. It all goes together so well and has so much detail. I think it is one of the best retriform I have sen. Beautiful

  6. What more can I say... I totally agree with everyone! Great cards and love how you explained your processes!

  7. Wow! Mischelle you have blown me away with these cards! Awesome! I never thought of doing the retiform just as the background and then having a primary image on the top. I love it! Thanks for that fantastic idea. I really love the bird card. The coloring on the yellow jacket makes him look so real. I love that set from the past!

  8. Oh, you are amazing! I want to stamp like you when I grow up!!! LOL! I love both of your cards. The football one is strong and masculine and STRIKING. And the bird one is vintage and soft and GORGEOUS. Thanks for sharing your thought process!!

  9. The ladies before me expressed it so well. It is amazing to see how you are able to pull everything together. I love these cards, they make me want to try this technique again. I had issues coming up with a card but push through.

  10. I love the colors that you used! Both of your cards are just beautiful!

  11. WOW Mischelle! Your cards look how my 4 attemps looked in my head! I wish I could bring the ideas out of my head as well as you did. YOU ROCK RETIFORM!

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    I love love love your Hope Perches card you rocked this technique!!!

  13. Mischelle, I LOVE the bird card! Cuteness comes and goes, but beauty like this uplifts my heart! Of all the cards I've seen you make, this and your True Beauty butterfly card are my very favorites. If I ever have a large enough party, THIS is the set I will get! Beautiful artistry, Mischelle!

  14. Christine PenningtonFebruary 4, 2011 at 3:08 PM

    You always take my breath away! I don't know which one I like got the colors wrong on the football one! You certainly have this technique mastered.

  15. I really like the color combination on the bird card! All of them are just wonderfully done!

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