Bella Flor Mini Album

Wednesday, April 30, 2008


This is a Mini Album that I had been chomping-at-the-bit to design for a couple of years.  It's certainly not an original concept so my challenge was to find a way to take a concept and make it mine ... something I loved.  This Bella Flor Mini Album is the result. 

We introduced this project at our Leadership Conference in San Antonio, Texas, in January and 100% of those surveyed said they loved this project and would pass it along! (Statics show that people who start our projects finish them and are excited to start their next one!).

From start to finish ... you will have a complete Mini Album in LESS THAN 1 HOUR!  You'll spend most of your time trying to figure out what you want to put in it (photos, quotes, scripture, memorabilia ...).  The Mini Album itself can literally be constructed in minutes!

So let's get started ... the basic supplies you need to make your Mini Album are shown below.  You'll also need adhesive and a 12" Paper Trimmer

The first thing I do to make this Mini Album is trim all of my paper to size

Mini Album Cover ~ this needs to be 4" x 12".

Mini Album Inserts ~ these need to be approximately 3-1/2" x 12".  (I've also made these 3-3/4" x 12", however, I think the first size listed leaves a nicer border around the insert pages).

This SAVVY little project uses a total of 1 SHEET of 12" x 12" paper!  Isn't that FANTASTIC!  Okay ...


After I cut my paper I set aside the 2 sheets of SOLID BLUE.  I only need my Mini Album Cover right now.  This is super simple ... fold it in HALF (4" x 6") .


Now, I want to fold in the right hand flap , towards the spine, leaving about 1/2" - 3/4" from the crease in the spine. 


here's another shot ...


Now it's time to fold in the left hand flap.  After about a gazillion of these little albums I discovered a little trick.  You see ... we could measure this all out and be exactly precise ... but there really is no need.  This little album ALWAYS turns out FANTASTIC!  So here's what I do now ...

I fold my cover INSIDE OUT and match up the left hand corner with the right and SHAZAM!  It's a SIMPLY PERFECT SOLUTION


Okay ... so after I do that this is what the inside of my Mini Album cover looks like ...


The next thing I do is grab my Crop-a-dile and punch a hole through my Mini Album like this ...


Notice that I'm going through two layers at once.  I use the large hole on the Crop-a-dile and usually punch approximately 1/4" - 1/2" from the spine.

Now I rotate my album 180 degrees and prepare to punch through four layers on the opposite side of the hole I just punched.  This hole I usually punch about 1/2" from the edge of the paper

TIP: If I'm using an extra large eyelet I set the eyelet on my album and kind of 'eye' where I want it to fall.  I have to be careful because I have had some of these larger eyelets hang off of my album cover ... and that's never pretty.


When I open my Mini Album up ... this is what it looks like on the inside right now ...


Now it's time to set my hardware.  I'm going to close the flap on my album and set my eyelet through two layers. This is what it looks like from the front after I set my eyelet ...


And this is what it looks like on the inside after I set my eyelet ...


Now, I repeat this step on the other side. 

NOTE:  I don't set any eyelets in either of the two holes along the spine.  These remain raw openings.  Here's what my Mini Album looks like (from the back) now ...


Now it's time to insert my ribbon.  I fold my album INSIDE OUT and make ONE swipe through the center hole like this ...


Then I string it though the other two holes.  At this point I need to make sure that my ribbon is laying how I want it to and that my strip of ribbon is centered in my album.  Here is what my album looks like from the inside ...


and this is the view on the outside ...


My Mini Album cover is DONE so I set it aside and now I need my two strips of BLUE paper

I fold my first strip in half (like we did the cover) ...


Then I am going to fold the right hand flap all the way in to the spine ...


I'll repeat this with the left hand flap and I end up with this ...


Then I fold it like this ...


Now I want to make my POCKETS so here is how I tape along the back of my inserts ...


TIP:  I like to put my double stick tape or adhesive right down the center of that seam in the back and across the bottom.  (I've squiggled in MAGENTA where I apply adhesive).  Putting the adhesive down the center gives my finished album even more durability than it already has!

Here is the back of my insert.


Make sure you NOTE the back from the front and also the TOP of the POCKETS from the BOTTOM!  I can't tell you how many albums I've made with pockets going the wrong way!

NEXT ... I assemble my pages in order ...


and prepare to staple them into place ...


I put two staples in my Mini Albums.  I center each one between the RIBBON and the EDGE of the album.


The most important thing to remember here is that the NICE flat part of the staple goes on the outside of the album.


And the clamps go on the inside ...


After that I trimmed up the ends of my RIBBON to POLISH them up ...


and then tied a pretty bow ...


Another FUN idea that you can EASILY do to JAZZ up and add POLISH to your Mini Album ...

Before I make ANY folds on my cover ... I sometimes like to take STICKLES and randomly freehand SWIRLS all over it.  The KEY is to use it VERY sparingly!  I hardly let any STICKLES out!


Check out the SPARKLES ...


This is one of my FAVORITE projects and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have!

To get this GORGEOUS Bella Flor Paper Collection contact your Angel today.  If you don't have an Angel contact us and we'd be happy to find one in your area for you!



If you need to replenish your supplies, have questions with a product, technique or are interested in one of the products I've used here please contact your ANGEL and she'll be happy to assist you!  If you don't have an Angel yet ... click on SHOP NOW on our homepage and find one in your area today!

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