Kamalaht Down Under Mini Album

Monday, April 14, 2008


This INCREDIBLE mini album was designed by Marcie Nowell ... and I just HAD to share! 




Typically, I don't take projects apart that we receive ... however ... since this had 3-ring binding it was easy!  So ... I did.  Just for these photos though!

Page 1 ...


Pages 2 & 3


Pages 4 & 5


Pages 6 & 7


Pages 8 & 9


Pages 10 & 11


Pages 12 & 13


Pages 14 & 15


Page 16


This is the inside of Marcie's mini album ... minus the pages ...


Isn't this INCREDIBLE!  Now let me show you some of the details {CLOSE UP} that really POLISH this mini album!

The first detail is from the back inside cover page shown above.  The 'next stop' embellishment is such a great piece!  Marcie used one of our essential elements as the foundation for this element.


We love the detail found on 'Sydney' on page 2.  Throughout this mini album Marcie uses ribbon, scrappers floss and chipboard elements.  These SIMPLE, elegant touches add a savvy and sophisticated look to the finished piece. 


Marcie created interest on page 5 with the placement and extension of the photograph.  We LOVE how she created her own rules and made this mini album work for her!


Notice the brown bow at the top of page 5 (above).  Check out what is behind this element on page 6.


Page 7 continues the formula of using SIMPLE, LIKE elements to create a cohesive theme.


We love the circle photo inset on page 9 of Maurice and Marcie.  And ... it adds a 3rd element to this 2-page spread which is a designers dream come true.  I also LOVE how Marcie added emphasis to this photograph by matting it on a scrap of lavender Kamalaht.  THEN ... she added even more detail with just a loop of lavender ribbon.  It's so pleasing to the eye and yet such a SIMPLE and savvy detail.


These tags are located under the photo on page 11.  Marcie created a pocket under the photo mat and the tags slide right in!


Another one of my favorite features is the detail Marcie used on page 12 to draw attention of the dolphins in the ocean.  First, she covered an Essential Elements Arrow, inked it, stamped 'dolphins' on a tag she designed, connected this with an eyelet to the arrow, added ribbon and tied the ribbon off with scrappers floss!  So many details in one little package!  Isn't this an EXQUISITE touch!


Okay.  Check this out!  This is page 14.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how the koala bear piece extends out into a tri-fold!  And notice how Marcie utilized the tag on the BOTTOM of the design instead of the TOP or SIDE.  It's the first time I've seen a tag used this way and I LOVE it!


Page 16 is one of our FAVORITEs at The Angel Company!  Who doesn't LOVE a 'manly lifeguard' at the Manly Beach!  Seriously though ... that's not what I'm supposed to be pointing out about this layout!  Again, we loved how Marcie used the scrappers floss around the arrow.  It really anchors it to the page.


WOW!  And there are even MORE savvy details on this mini album that I didn't even point out!  Did you notice the subtle stamping details Marcie incorporated into the album?  Throughout the album Marcie has stamped on background pages and even on some of the photographs!  It's the subtlety that makes it so rich and sophisticated.

I LOVE that Marcie penned details in her own handwriting as well as incorporated an alphabet stamp set.  These two details are great compliments.  Did you also notice the use of hardware?  There are  loopy brads on some pages!  And stapling!  So MANY great elements wrapped up in one savvy little album!

I will be honest with you ... I haven't made one of these mini albums yet, however, this album really encourages me to do so!  I am planning on making one and incorporating MANY of the ideas that Marcie uses here ... after all ... why start from scratch?!  I can't wait to use Marcie's ideas in my own creation! 

I hope you enjoy this mini album as much as our TAC Staff has enjoyed it!  And I hope that you can incorporate some of these SIMPLE and SMART ideas in your own project!

If you need to replenish your supplies, have questions with a product, technique or are interested in one of the products I've used here please contact your ANGEL and she'll be happy to assist you!  If you don't have an Angel yet ... click on SHOP NOW on our homepage and find one in your area today!

Marcie's Supply List for this Project:

  1. Kamalaht SWIC  V830

  2. Flourishes  T2614

  3. Simple-bet  T2289

  4. 4x4 Binder Album  E116

  5. Jumbo Merchandise Tag Punch  D96

  6. Mega Merchandise Tag Punch  D82

  7. Crop-a-dile  K100

  8. Burnt Umber Ink  TT218

  9. Nickel Loopy Brads  F931

  10. Brown Scrappers Floss F911

  11. Essential Elements  A11

  12. Nickel Lacing Brads  F916

  13. Cha Cha Ribbon  B210

  14. Amelia Ribbon  B217

  15. Amelia Hardware  B117

  16. Pop Dots  D89

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