Inspiration Jar

Saturday, July 19, 2008


I was feeling COMPLETELY CREATIVE-less the past few evenings and just couldn't snap out of the creative-stealing-fog I was in.  I decided I HAD to switch gears.  I went to my closet full of what I quite LOVING refer to as 'my crap' and pulled out some little jars.  It was time to make something that lifted my spirit.

So I began decorating these little jars that I will use as Prayer Jars.  It wasn't long at all before I had my grove back where it belonged!  And thinking about all of the little prayers I could put into this jar actually became quite therapeutic.  This project definitely blessed me and lifted my spirit

I also thought of other things you could do with little objects like this jar (a tin can or recycled altoid tin).  For example I think this would be a great little jar for Blessings, Inspirational Ideas, Notes for Someone Special ... heck ... stick pieces of wrapped GUM in there and stamp affirmations or favorite quotes on them.  Every time someone needed a piece of chewing gum it would be like getting a fortune cookie ... and oh how I LOVE those!


I made up a BUNCH of little cards that I could use to write on and stick into my Prayer Jar.  I had so much FUN trying to make each one different by changing the embellishment on it.  I pulled out stuff I haven't touched in years!  I used items I had ordered and things I didn't even make!  There were NO limits or rules ... just let my creativity flow freely!


The little tags were VERY easy to make!  I took a sheet of my favorite paper from our Mimi Collection and got started!


I folded my strip in half lengthwise and began punching.


Do you notice the arrows above?  Notice that I left the FOLDED EDGE of my paper a smidge from the edge of the punch.  This allows me to make a fold-over tag.


How EASY is that!  The next time you need to lift your own spirit or get your creative juices flowing ... do something FUN and unpredictable just for YOUDon't make any rulesUse whatever you wantDo whatever you want.  Let your creativity determine where it wants to take you ... you may find healing in the process!


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