Snapshots from Paint, Paper & Crafts

Friday, October 03, 2008


I JUST took these photos off my memory card last night and had forgotten about some of them!

These are a few snapshots from my trip the first week of August to North Carolina where I shot 2 episodes of Paint, Paper & Crafts with host Sloan Payne-Rutter.  Above is a photo of my dear friend Mabelle Ramirez-Ortiz and I at the PBS Studio

The first thing Mabelle and I did (after she arrived) was head to the mall!  I needed to hurry and pick up some powder and some concealer to hide the DARK circles that are always under my eyes!


Here I am the next morning in hair and make-up with John.  I LOVE hair and make-up!  It's so much fun to have someone else 'fix' you!


Here I am with my producer, Sophia, prepping my projects with her.


You go over all the little details with your producer and she gets you ready to shoot with the host.


It's a WRAP!  On the way out of the studio Mabelle and I found Cookie Monster


The ONLY thing missing is a photo of Sloan and I!  I'll have to see if Mabelle has one?!  This trip was such a BLESSING in so many ways ... here are just a few ...

1.  I got to spend 2 days with one of my dearest friends.  It was just Mabelle and I ... all alone ... that is so rare and it was so special!  I LOVE that girl!

2.  Mabelle and I had a BALL at the Studio!  I am so impressed with the entire production company!  Talk about a PLEASURE to work with!  And having Mabelle there cheering me on was priceless!

3.  I got to go to North Carolina for the very first time!  It is SOOOOOOO beautiful!  I had no idea!  Talk about TREES!  Everywhere!  Certainly NOT like Kansas!

I don't know when the episodes will air, however, I will post when I find out!



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