Turkey Mini Album featuring our Sydney Circle Kit

Monday, November 03, 2008


This terrific little turkey is gracing the cover of our homepage this month in honor of Thanksgiving

This FAST, FUN and SIMPLE little project can EASILY be completed in an afternoon.  Actually, I think it takes longer to COOK a turkey than it does to make this one! 

So let's get started!  First off ... if you check out the post just before this one ... Woodrowe Mini CD Album it's basically the same thing.  I've just bound it differently, added some tail feathers and a turkey head

Because this is the THIRD CD Mini Album you've seen from me recently ... I'm going to spare you some of the details and just include the shots, which for me, a picture is worth a thousand words!  (I HATE to read directions)!  And you probably know that so many of the things I do are the same ... like stippling Burnt Umber Ink on EVERYTHING!

So here are the highlights ... this is the Inside FRONT Cover of the album and the first page.  I only used 2 Mini CDs to make this and used punched scallop circles as the guts of the album.

The brown page on the LEFT is glued down to the Mini CD.

I bound all of my inside pages FIRST and then attached the front and back pages to the front and back Mini CDs.


Here is a shot of the Inside BACK Cover ...


Before I adhered the brown piece with the diamond shapes in it I attached the 'feathers' to the Mini CD.  Then I glued the brown scallop pieces on top of the feathers.

Because the feathers are 3-D there will be shadows and it may even appear that it isn't adhered well, however, it is!

How cute is this!  This is the BACK of the Turkey Album.  I finished it off with a punched scallop circle.


So ... first punch your circles!


Next I took the 'scrap' of Sydney and clipped off two edges in the center ...


I did this so I could easily insert my oval punch and punch a tail feather from the scrap.


Next I took my mini Kai's and trimmed down the center. 


Before you get to far along ... make sure you ink all of your edges!  (Even though I didn't on this sample).


Next I took my FAVORITE glue and overlapped that cut line on my oval.  This gives my feather a bit of depth.  I use a clip to hold it together while it dries.


Here is the back ...


I don't worry about any glue that oozes out.  When Zip Dry dries ... you can just roll the glue off with your finger or use a glue eraser.  It cleans up BEAUTIFULLY


Usually I have a straight edge hanging over where I overlapped the paper for the feathers.  I just trim this off with my Kai's and touch up with my stipple brush.


For this album I decided to change the binding and BIND the FRONT and BACK cover CD as well.

So I marked where I needed to punch and first tried punching on with my Carl Drill Press.


I LOVE my Carl, however, this wasn't so pretty.


So ... I proceeded with Plan B.  I rounded up all of my scallops and attached them (with a clip) to the Mini CD.  Then I punched them with my Big Bite.



Much more effective!  Next I marked the holes on the remaining CD cover and punched those.  Then I strung it all up and bound it with my Bind-it-all.



Now it resembles a bound mini album. 


The pages that I will adhere to my covers have not all been glued down yet.  I won't adhere the Inside Back Cover page until AFTER I adhere the tail feathers.  So here I have that page opened and I'll begin to adhere my feathers to the CD. 


After all the feathers are attached I'll adhere the cover over them.


Here are a few more details from the original album shown above:

This is the Inside Back Cover.


This view shows the album CLOSED.  This is a view of the binding.


This is the BACK of the Turkey's head.


This is the FRONT of the Turkey's head.


I used POP Dots in between the FRONT and BACK head.  I punched these pieces out with my yellow circle punch.  NOTE ... I will go back and take a brown marker and color the edges of the POP Dots brown.


I even take my stipple brush and gently dust my ribbon and flowers.  This really adds DEPTH and POLISH to the finished piece.


Isn't this a FUN little album!  It's certain to make Turkey Day even happier!


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