Guest Designer Challenge for April

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Before I begin showcasing the projects I have received from our Guest Designers I'd like to share with you a little more information.  Like how our Guest Designers even know what to design!

Several weeks or so ago I sent each of our Designers a box of 'stuff'.  Basically the same yet there were some small differences.  Along with the box of supplies I sent a 'list' of suggested themes for each month ... or suggested paper collection to design with.  Each of our Designers was also given a very liberal CREATIVE LICENSE.  Should they find that they are not inspired by the monthly theme or collection I have chosen ... they can choose to do whatever they like!  Whatever inspires them!

Designers have been asked to submit one project each month for the next six months.  HOWEVER, Designers can submit as many projects as they'd like!  One is requested and ALL are accepted!

Pretty simple guidelines wouldn't you say!

For the month of April the paper collection I chose to showcase was Angelee ... a personal FAVORITE!  I will showcase one Designer each week, alphabetically.

Because I know you are chomping at the bit to see what FABULOUS goodies our Designers have sent ... I'm going to give you a SNEAK PEAK right now!

Marcie Sneak Peak

Keep your EYES open for this!

Happy Paper Crafting!


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