Happiness is ...

Monday, March 23, 2009

When Spring Break started!  Yes, we had FUN with our kids over Spring Break and even did some 'family' stuff.  What a joy! 

Happiness is also the END of Spring Break and school starting again!  YAHOO!

We wrapped up Spring Break with Boy rolling his Dad's quad (4-wheeler).  The quad didn't fair to well in the accident.  The frame broke in half.  Of course we took that Boy of ours straight to the hospital where he was treated to an array of x-rays.  He may have a fracture in his right arm at the shoulder (where he landed).  If it's not a fracture it's the growth plate that hasn't completely closed yet.  He's doing well but is quite sore.  We've decided a trip to our family doctor is in order. 

I'm so happy that I am a nagging mom and make that kid wear his helmet!  Had he not had it on I'm sure he would have had a concussion if not worse. 

The wind here in Kansas has been so HORRIBLE that I thought possibly it attributed to Boys' wreck.  Nope.  He said he was jumping and caught a rut when he landed.  I'm horrified when I think he could have been wrapped up in some barb wire or had some of the crop 'stalks' pierce or puncture his frame.  (We have farm land that has recently been harvested and there are lots of awkward and sharp stalks sticking out of our field).  The Lord really wrapped his arms around that Boy and protected him!  We are so thankful!

Speaking of the wind ... when I came home today I noticed that the kids' trampoline wasn't anywhere close to where we left it.  Apparantly it took flight sometime while we were at work.  It hit the house and damaged the gutter.  Not too bad ... considering!  Our shed also tried to stop it, but, it opted for denting it up as well.  Pieces of it were scattered around and it was all bent up and out of shape.

At least we didn't lose any shingles, windows or have trees blown down as many did.  Kansas!  Gotta' love it!

I'm getting my PC put back together tomorrow (it's been OUT of commission) so I'm looking forward to posting photos again! 

Until then ... Happy Paper Crafting!


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