She who LOVES to Blog Hop!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ok.  I hear that some of the photos from my blog hop aren't posting!  We did some checking and some weren't originally saved as jpegs, which, from my understanding they need to be for my blog.  So, I've gone in and dropped in some links for you!

I've got my next couple of blog hops ready to go, however, I may delay them a day or two until we figure this out!  Enjoy!  Mischelle

Yep.  I LOVE Blog Hopping.  So how cool was it when I was hopping around and landed over at Vicki Hook's blog.  I LOVE the samples Vicki created using our products featured in our Fresh Spring Things Special!

Vicki's Fresh Spring Things Samples

Julie's Baby Shower Projects

And then I hopped on over to Julie Griffith's blog and look at the darling Baby Projects I found there!

Next I found myself over on Diana Maldonado's blog.  Check out this DARLING card!  This kitty set is one of my favorites in our new magalogue ~ Serendipity.

Diana's Kitty Card

And then I ended up over at my dear friend Mabelle Ramirez-Ortiz's blog. Check out how beautifully Mabelle colored these images!

Mabelle's Images

So there you've learned something new about me!  I am a blog hopper!  I can't wait to hop on over to your blog next!


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