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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Laurie Wilkinson5

Are you ready to be WOWed!  I was when I started my Blog Hop over at Laurie Willison's Blog and NEVER LEFT!  I kept thinking 'Just one more card and then I'll move on'.  That so wasn't the case.  I quickly and easily fell head over heels in LOVE with Laurie's clean, unique and very sophisticated style.

See for yourself ...

Laurie Wilkinson1

Laurie Wilkinson2

Laurie Wilkinson3

Laurie also has samples of cards she has designed from our FREE Downloadable Papers on our TAC Home Page TAC Black & White Paper FREE Download.  Here is just one of the several samples Laurie has featured on her blog.

Laurie Wilkinson4

Laurie Wilkinson6

Laurie Wilkinson7

Laurie Wilkinson8

Laurie Wilkinson9

Laurie Wilkinson10

Laurie Wilkinson11

Laurie Wilkinson12

If you'd like to treat yourself to something wonderful ... visit Laurie's Blog!

Laurie Willison's Blog

Thank you Laurie and Happy Paper Crafting!


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