Dance Shadow Box by Guest Designer Melanie Montes De Oca

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Melanie Side View

This Shadow Box has so MUCH to appreciate! I've tried to highlight some of my favorites for you right here.  First of all ... don't these LITTLE STINKERS look DARLING!

I think the shot of this Box sideways versus straight forward is incredible!  It looks GREAT each way, however, you really see the depth of the Box in the photo above.

Melanie Skunks Front

Melanie did this project with our Angelee SWIC and boy do these LITTLE STINKERS look sweet, smart and sophisticated!  Around the outside of the box Melanie kept it simple and smart as well.  She wrapped a band of patterned cardstock around the box and topped it all off with a DELICIOUSLY tied bow!

Melanie Band

Notice the touch of LACE Melanie added to the 'stage' she created for these little dancers.

I also want you to notice how she lined the INSIDE of the Shadow Box AND she inked the edges of the paper to add even more depth to the finished piece.  So polished!

Melanie Skunks Close Up

Here is a close up showing how Melanie even made the skunks 3-Dimensional.  Another little touch that you don't notice at first, however, it's details like this that create such a remarkable finished piece.  And who can't appreciated the TOUCHES of GLITTERFABULOUS!

Melanie Skunk Layers

Here's our little Green Dancer close up.

Green Skunk'

And our sweet little Yellow gal.

Yellow Skunk

Here is a shot that shows you how Melanie constructed a 'pop out' feature to attach the skunks to.  Kind of like creating a pop up card except these little gals are popping out.

Also notice that the little dancers are NOT placed in one straight row.  They are staggered!

Melanie Pop Up Mechanism

I also LOVE how Melanie created each little face with its own identity.  Each little skunk has a different eye color and each has rosy little cheeks.  You can also see the 3-D work Melanie did in this shot.  I have to recommend Mini Kai's for this kind of work!

Melanie Eyes Close Up

Thank you Melanie!  What a GREAT project.  My own little stinker, Sophie, thought this was ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC and I agree!

Melanie Head Shot copy 

Happy Paper Crafting!


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