Indexing Unmounted Stamps Tutorial

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Indexing Unmounted Stamps

Here is an oldie but goodie that I found on a blog hop recently.  This may bring back some memories for Risa Alvarez {sometimes our older posts seem to fade off into old post-ville}.  Well, I couldn't wait to dust off this tutorial and share.  Even though I've seen this tutorial in person ... I still like the visual in front of me when I actually do index!

If you would like to take a peak at Risa's Tutorial on Indexing you can by following this link Indexing Unmounted Stamps.

After you've checked out this tutorial I encourage you to click on the banner and check out EVERYTHING Risa has on her blog.  This is one incredibly talented girl!  I found myself on her blog longer than even I anticipated ... and I enjoyed EVERY minute of it!

Happy Paper Crafting!


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