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Monday, May 11, 2009


So last time I was over on Chris Franco's Blog, I grabbed these two cards and have been waiting to put them on my next Blog Hop.  This top one is SOOO one of my FAVORITE'S!  Isn't it fantastic!

Okay, this one isn't so shabby either!  The crochet doilies remind me of my Grandma O'Farrell.  She constantly made doilies and afghans and hats and all kinds of wonderful things.  It makes Chris's Blog feel like home, to me.


You can check out more from Chris by visiting her Blog.  Chris Franco's Blog

Next I was off to KellyRae Cooper's Blog.  Check this out.  Ok.  Before you get upset ... I know this stamp was last month's SOTM.  It's FABULOUS though!  And the Black and White paper is a FREE Download on our TAC Home Page.  Black & White Paper Download

Kellyrae cooper 

Now this next card is AWESOME on it's own ... but ... KellyRae hit it out of the park by providing a TUTORIAL to go with it! 


Now, for some reason I just couldn't get these photos any clearer.  That's okay though.  You can check them out in person by visiting KellyRae's Blog.  And ... she has all of the instructions for the Tutorial there as well.  KellyRae Cooper's Blog

I hope you enjoy these projects and these blogs!  Both Chris and KellyRae sent me their information when I did the Blog Hop Call some time back and I'm working my way down the list in the order received.  So, if you haven't seen yourself yet keep looking.  Unless you didn't send me your link.  Then stop looking. 

Oh, you'd like to know WHERE to send me your link.  Send it to me here: 

Here's a tip ... our Savvy Projects readers are especially interested in SIMPLE, SMART and SOPHISTICATED projects and TUTORIALS!  

Oh, one more tip ... 300 dpi is the best resolution for me when I need to steal, oops, I mean borrow your images!  If you don't have a clue what that means ... don't worry about it!  It won't keep you from being featured!

Happy Paper Crafting!


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  1. I am lucky enough to be one of Chris Franco's customers, and she taught me how to do that top card with the muslin! The texture is so awesome in real life!