Stork Baby Tin by Guest Designer ... Marcie Nowell

Saturday, June 13, 2009

 Marcie stork

Well this makes me want to have a baby ... to make a gift for.  I've seen these tins used in so many fabulous and incredible ways and this project is at the top of fabulous and incredible!  For sure! 

{I wonder if we should tell Marcie she's spoiling us?!}

Marcie used the tin insert to create the booklet inside the tin.  She added some of our fabulous Hip Hop Paper and WOW!  It speaks for itself!  And don't forget to notice the striped paper on the outside of the tin.  This completely wraps the bottom of the tin polishing it off quite nicely.




This is the inside of the album completely opened.


This is the back of the album when you flip it over.


Marcie attached the ribbon behind this first panel.  You can see where we have it lifted up on the left and right sides.


Now check this out!  This is SO clever!  This little guy {card} comes out!


How darling is this!  I LOVE that the pea pod stays outside of the pocket!


And, again, check out this panel.




This is what the panels look like when you peek in between them.  Notice that the striped Hip Hop CS wraps around the panel on the right and continues to make a panel on the back.


How darling is he!  A great TIP is to remember to keep your darker colors towards the stamped lines on the image and keep your lighter colors in the middle.  And it's okay to leave white space in your coloring!  Actually ... it's FABULOUS!


I LOVE this!  This is so subtle yet so striking!  Underneath the stork Marcie added a little piece of foam to give him just a little lift.  This is an idea you need to steal!  Also note how Marcie adds a touch of blue to the stork's wing.  This gives the impression of depth and that the stork is white.  Now, since we're talking about coloring ... check out the stork's beak.  Notice how it gets lighter as it gets farther from the stork.  His legs are the same.  FABULOUS!

And what baby doesn't need a warm, fuzzy blankie!


Now, I'm almost embarrassed to tell you this but I was so struck looking at this that I almost missed the ribbon detail on the front of the tin.  It's a great detail that grounds the stork so he isn't just 'floating'.

Marcie lead

I hope you enjoy this project as much as we have at TAC!  So darling!  Thank you so much Marcie!

Marcie Head Shot

Happy Paper Crafting!


Marcie's Supply List

  1. V850   Hip Hop FWIC
  2. V222   White Ultrasmooth CS

  3. R2040  Special Delivery

  4. TT220  Noir Palette Ink

  5. TT200  Prussian Blue Palette Ink

  6. H109  Candy Tin

  7. B216  Winchester Ribbon

  8. G709  Sophia Buttons and Blossoms

  9. F18  Prismacolor Pencils

  10. F490  Tonic Corner Rounder

  11. K102  Big Bite Crop-a-Dile

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