4th of July Photos

Monday, July 13, 2009

07 04 09_9694

There aren't a lot!  So many of them are smoky.  Of course, I was sitting right by these little ones ... who were in smoke bomb heaven!  This is the pack that Sophie ran around with!  I don't know all of these little tykes.  In fact, I'd just met most of them.  We went to our neighbors for a BBQ and had a calm, relaxing and very fun evening!

07 04 09_0104 

Here's the pack of youngins' my boy hung out with.  They'll all be freshman this year!

07 04 09_9712

This is Boy and his girlfriend, Marisa.

07 04 09_0086

Aren't they cute!

Here's my little sunshine, Sophie:

 07 04 09_9735

07 04 09_9754

And that pretty much sums up the photos I have.  Just a few.  Which is a nice change!

Happy Paper Crafting!


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  1. OMG your kid are not small anymore, they sure are growing up. Time flies, thank goodness for digital cameras and technology.
    Sure enjoyed seeing Happy kids!