Cast Party for Dance

Friday, July 17, 2009

07 11 09_9964

Lately you've been hearing me tweet about the Cast Party for Sophie's Dance Troupe ... Prestige Dance Company.  Myself and 2 other moms put the event together and I must say it was FUN!

Each dancer received an album that their moms can continue adding to.  That's what's in the bags above.  (You may recognize these bags!  These are my FAVORITES!  And this is the most awkward of sizes!  These darn things wouldn't stand up for nothing ... but we made it work!).

Below are shots of the cabana.  One of the moms lives in a town home so she offered the use of their cabana and swimming pool.  It was FABULOUS!  Moms had lunch inside while the girls ate outside around the pool.  And at the end of the event we had very little clean up ... and then could just leave!  I LOVED that!

07 11 09_9956

07 11 09_9958

I always try to find items that can be re-used and recycled.  Since the studio colors are blue and black it was truly pretty easy!  I LOVE these candles that we can use again and again and again ... and really for so many occasions!

07 11 09_9959

Here are some shots of the girls ... having TOO much FUN!

07 11 09_9968

L to R:  Alex, Emma, Sophie, Lindsey and Megan.

Below is my niece Megan.

07 11 09_9982

This is Lindsey (one of Sophie's best friends), my niece Ashley and Sophie.

Lindsey is going into 5th grade, Ashley into 2nd and Sophie into 4th!

07 11 09_0005

This is my niece Catie and her best friend Casey.  Both will be in 8th Grade this year!

07 11 09_0013

07 11 09_0015

Here are some of the girls in one of many shots like this!  They had SOO much FUN!

07 11 09_0021

07 11 09_0026

This is my niece Ashley:

07 11 09_0043

Here is Lindsey and Sophie:

07 11 09_0047

The Cast Party was a HUGE success and the girls were SO excited!  I think they felt very special ... which was one of our goals ... to make them feel as special as they are!

Happy Paper Crafting!


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  1. They looked like they had a ball. The bags were very pretty. I know you had just as much fun preparing for the event.