Toodles Games by Guest Designer Marcie Nowell

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I was so DELIGHTED when I saw these darling games Marcie made!  These are FUN to make and I can say I have made them before myself.  In fact, we love these SO much at our house that my Boy even made them as a Seminar trade one year for Seminar.  However ... they didn't exactly look like these.  :-)


Marcie's coloring blew me away ... as always!


If you aren't familiar with this little game it's SO easy to make! 

You punch or cut a circle to fit inside your round metal tin.  You could even use square if that's what you have on hand!  Stamp and color your cardstock.

Use a small hole punch and punch 5 or 6 holes in the cardstock.  You can see where Marcie has punched holes in the cardstock.  Above they are the green holes you see (the green is from the backing behind the colored image) and below they are the orange holes. 

Marcie used colored cardstock to back her piece while I used fun foam when I did mine ... for some unknown reason. 

Attach the cardstock layers to your tin.  You then add enough BB Gun Pellets to fit into each of the holes you punched.  Then put the top on!

Of course ... don't forget to embellish the outside of the tin!  That adds to the fabulousness of this project for sure!


Check out the stitching Marcie added (by hand) around this image.  I LOVE it!


Put the lid on and you are ready to play!


Isn't this the PERFECT gift!  Or party favor.  Or make a kit and let the kids color and assemble it themselves!  How fun would that be!  WARNING:  This isn't just fun for kids.  Adults LOVE it too!


Thanks for another FABULOUS project Marcie!

Marcie Head Shot

Happy Paper Crafting!


Marcie's Supply List:

  • V921  Kaleidoscope Boyz WIC
  • V222 White Ultrasmooth CS
  • T3126  Toodles
  • TT220  Noir Palette Pad
  • D102  Round Metal Tins
  • F18  Prismacolor Pencils
  • K100  Crop-a-dile
  • F11  Tombow White Gel Pen
  • F464  Stardust Clear Gelly Pen
  • F177  HydraSponge
  • BB Gun Pellets

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  1. How cool! I remember when "Boy" gave something like this as his trades at Seminar a few years ago!

  2. I LOVE this! My son's 3rd birthday is coming up and I need to make party I know what I'm making!

  3. Once again, Marcie proves how brilliant she is!!