Halloween ~ Coloring with Copic Markers

Friday, September 11, 2009

09 30 09_3150_edited-1

First, before we get started, I want you to know that I am NOT Copic Certified!  I am learning and this is simply a tutorial showing you HOW I color with my Copics.

I stamped my image on the left with Memento Ink and embossed it with Transcendence Embossing Powder.  I stamped my image on the right with Memento Ink and heat set it.  In the end ... both ways worked fabulously!

I only have a handful of Copics so I used what I had!

First, I colored in his eye with Lemon Yellow #Y13.  This is the only yellow I have in Copics.

09 30 09_3154_edited-1

Next I used Yellow Green YG03 and colored in his skin.

09 30 09_3156_edited-1

I added Forest Green #G17.

09 30 09_3157_edited-1

Then I went back over his skin with YG03 Yellow Green.  You can see that the lighter and darker greens blend together. 

09 30 09_3160_edited-1

Notice his face in the image below.  There is a sort of triangle in the center of his face.  This is the one area that I only put one coat of my Yellow Green.  You can see where I added more Yellow Green ... it's a tad darker.

Then I added Chrome Orange #YR04.

09 30 09_3162_edited-1

For some unknown reason I have 3 oranges so I thought it appropriate to use them all!  {smiles}

I added highlights with my darkest orange next.  R08 Vermilion.

09 30 09_3164_edited-1

Then I used my middle orange YR07 Cadmium Orange to begin blending.

09 30 09_3166_edited-1

Then I went back over with my lightest orange YR04 Chrome Orange.

09 30 09_3168_edited-1

I have two blues so I started with my lightest.  B14 Light Blue.

09 30 09_3171_edited-1

I added highlights with my B29 Ultramarine.

09 30 09_3172_edited-1

And then I blended with my Light Blue.

09 30 09_3176_edited-1

I did his bolts the same as his britches.

09 30 09_3178_edited-1

09 30 09_3179_edited-1

09 30 09_3181_edited-1

Now when I color direct to paper with Black #100 it is ALL Black.  So I use my Colorless Blender #0 and pick up the black with the tip of my blender.

09 30 09_3188_edited-1

Then I color the image.  Here I did the sole of his left boot.

09 30 09_3192_edited-1

I gently add my color in this way ... when I'm using Black.

09 30 09_3193_edited-1

And remember to wipe off the tip of your Colorless Blender when you're done!

09 30 09_3196_edited-1

If you look closely you can see that my ink ran a little bit on my boots when I used the Colorless Blender.  This seems to be normal when using it.  It's NOT your ink from your image but from the Blender.

09 30 09_3198_edited-1

Next I highlight my image with my White Prismacolor Pencil.

09 30 09_3202_edited-1

If you think you highlighted too much ... don't worry!

09 30 09_3204_edited-1

You can go over the area with your Copics.

09 30 09_3207_edited-1

I used my Spanish Orange Prismacolor to highlight his eyes.

09 30 09_3209_edited-1

And I wanted to show you how FABULOUS our White Gel Pen works on top of these markers!  Great for details and highlighting!

09 30 09_3221_edited-1

Isn't he darling!  I'll show you what I did with him next time!

Happy Paper Crafting!


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