Halloween ~ MORE Bone Appetit Tent Card

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Here is another idea you can use this halloween!  This Table Tent Card is perfect for displaying what a spooky dish is, set beside a drink station or even just to announce what's for dinner!

We used the same magnetic pieces from our Bone Appetit project and made a Tent Card that would accommodate these same pieces.  After all ~ no need to reinvent the wheel!  And this is the PERFECT solution for using multiple pieces at one time!

For this project we cut up a board book and inked the edges with our Java Walnut Ink. 

We also used a piece of fabric that has a faux leather/suede look.  We found this at our local discount store and it retailed for around $7 yard.  You could also use paper for this step ... I was just dying to get my hands on this fabric so chose it!


I used an adhesive and taped my chipboard onto the fabric.


Here is what it looks like with the fabric on the chipboard.


Next I covered the inside of the Tent Card with a piece of my Miss Moxie paper.  I thought this would go perfectly with my Bone Appetit pieces I've already designed in Miss Moxie.

Stipple around the edges with black ink to polish the Tent Card.


Next I added eyelets.  A total of 4 ~ 2 on each side.


Here is what my board looks like with all 4 eyelets attached.  I punched two holes on one side, folded the chipboard and marked where to punch the 2 on the other side.  They matched up perfectly.

You can also see, if you look at the left side, that I didn't use my brayer to flatten this.  Instead, I had to use my fingers to work this air bubble out.  This is something I'd like to prevent!


Here is the inside with all 4 eyelets set.


Next I added a black satin ribbon through all 4 holes.  I tied it in a knot ... with the knot INSIDE the Tent Card.  This gives it a nice clean look on each side.  On each side the ribbon looks like this:


And there is a side view.


Next I added magnets to the Tent Card.  I aligned them and sized them to work with my pieces I'd already designed from my Bone Appetit project.  You can also see the knot inside the tent card where the ribbon connects.


The magnets don't have to be exactly the same size to work!


Now how darling is this!  And another GREAT way to use maximize your work.  Wouldn't it be darling to have a Tent Card designed for every place setting.  You could do a character for each of your kids and instead of the dish ... you could insert their name!


Happy Paper Crafting!


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