Halloween ~ Simply Spooky Place Card

Thursday, October 15, 2009


I believe this is the last Halloween project I'll be sharing with you, of MINE, on this blog, this season!  I hear you clapping!  {smiles} 

Like most of you ... I don't have time to re-create the wheel every time I need to do a project.  And actually ... I like my projects to coordinate so repeating elements ties everything together so nicely!  So I won't spend any time telling you everything I've done ... because you've already heard me talk about these same techniques all month.

This is a name plate for a place setting at the Halloween table.  It's fun and super easy!

I used these tiny little plastic frames you can pick up for .50 cents at the dollar store and discount stores.

If you look at the close up below you'll see that I added a piece of magnet to the front of my frame.  The magnet is about 2 x 2.  I buy my magnet in sheets and then cut it down to the size I need.


And ... on the back of each place card I also attached a magnet.  You guessed it!  That's because I can now design place cards for Thanksgiving and Christmas and other special celebrations!  The only thing I have to do is switch the top cards!


For this project I wanted each image to be different, however, I started to struggle mentally because I was designing more girl place cards than boy.  So I had to look at my images differently.

For Jax place card I thought about her favorite color ... Lime Green.  So I chose to outline the mummy in Lime Green and then with my Clear Glitter Gel Pen I colored inside all of the lines.  It's hard to see here ... but it really sassied this up! 

Next I had challenged myself to use an 'old' product.  So I pulled out the sequin flower and brad and really made this a girl mummy!  Isn't she darling!  Just a little detail ... but oh so FABULOUS!


I had one more girl card to make and I was still struggling.  I have to say though ... I LOVE how this ghost turned out!  And, I also incorporated another flower and brad.  If you scroll back up to the top photo you'll see that I also added a flower to the witch's trick-or-treat bag!

Here's how I made my polka dot ghost.

I only have 1 Purple Copic Marker so that's what I used!


I colored this image in once with Purple.  Then I added some deeper shades using the same Purple.  Be careful and only add shading the 2nd and 3rd times.

And then I went over it once more with Purple for an even deeper shade ~ shading that is.  (3X total).


Next I pulled out my Copic Colorless Blender and began to make polka dots on top of the Purple.

I continued to go over the polka dots until they were as light as I wanted them!  Now how EASY is that!

Notice where I've inserted the black arrow onto the design below.  Where the green has bled out of the image I had used my Colorless Blender. 


I decided to do some swirls on this ghost and you can see where I got the Colorless Blender close to the edge and it bled out.  Not a big deal, however, something to watch out for if this really bugs you!


I hope this gave you more GREAT ideas for the VERY fast approaching holidays!

Happy Paper Crafting!


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