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Monday, November 30, 2009

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Before I tell you anything ... I hope I don't get in trouble for hijacking this idea!  You see ~ it's SOOOO not mine.  I actually just heard about it today, from Debbie, who I know is going to be blogging about it really soon ... so I don't want to say too much because Debbie will make it so much more eloquent and fabulous than I EVER could!

So you ask ... why am I blogging about this when I know Debbie is going to?!  BECAUSE!  Tomorrow (or today when this goes live) is December 1st and I think Jenna's Challenge is SO FABULOUS that it's something EVERYONE should know about and consider doing!  The more people that know about this ... the merrier the holidays may be for so many people!  So that's why I am sharing a little bit about Jenna's Challenge right now.

If you don't know Jenna ~ she's a senior in high school with the heart and love of Mother Teresa.  And single handedly I believe this girl will and has already begun changing the world!  Seriously!  If ONLY there were more Jenna's in this world ... what an incredible world it would be.  Anyway.  Here is Jenna's Challenge, in Jenna's words:

"... My mom and I were talking and came up with a little competition.

We are going to see who can influence the most people in the month of December and I thought if we can do it, so can everyone else!

So, I am challenging you to try to positively impact the life of one person in the month of December. My mom and I are going for a person a day which makes 31 people this month, but do it however you'd like."

Jenna goes on to share that not all ideas have to consist of spending money.  They can be as simple as talking to or eating lunch with someone who no one talks to.  Letting someone know they are special.  Babysitting for an hour free of charge.  So many great ideas!

There is much more that I could share but I'd like to leave that to Debbie.  So ... here is where you can find out MORE about Jenna's Challenge Debbie's Simply Inspired Blog be sure and check back throughout the month of December for updates from Debbie!  You'll be so glad you did!  Especially since I'm not sure she's blogged about this yet!  She'll have to get on it now!  {smiles}.

Anyway.  I am SOOO inspired by Jenna's Challenge that I'm starting it tomorrow ~ December 1st.  I'm going for 31 people in 31 days.  I decided that I'd like to record each day so I took a little album that I bought at Target for $1 and modified it into my Jenna's Challenge Day Planner.  I can easily drop this in my handbag and have it with me at all times!  I thought what a blessing it will be to look back and remember each thing ~ no matter how big or how little it may seem to me.  And when you think about it ~ do we really know how much a kind gesture impacts someone else?  I doubt we'll ever know the answer to this question, in this life, but, that's okay!  I can tell you that just the idea of doing random acts of kindness fills me with joy and excitement! 

I know you'll love this idea as much as I do and I want to let you know that it's perfectly okay if you don't call this Jenna's Challenge.  You can rename this challenge whatever you like ~ whatever inspires you!  Jenna certainly won't mind! 

I can hardly wait to start Jenna's Challenge and I hope that this high school senior inspires you this month as much as she's inspired me!

Happy Paper Crafting!


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