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Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I've been spending my evenings working on Thanksgiving Booklets that I can give to each of the families celebrating together at my mom's on Thanksgiving Day.  I thought I'd show you my finished booklet.  I have to admit ... I'm quite fond of it!  {smiles}.

Thanksgiving Booklet  You can click on this link to take you to the post with the text.  You can download and print it!  You can also click on each photo to enlarge it so you can read it ... if you like!






So did you notice the really shiny cover?!  I tried to get some shots that highlighted the texture and shine.  It looks opaque in some areas, however, it is completely transparent!


Now, I've already got a blog post scheduled that talks about this technique some more so here is a quick how to.  I LOVE this gloss gel!  LOVE it!  It lasts forever ... unless you use it like I do!


Brush it onto your paper with a foam brush.  It's okay to be generous with it.  The patterns that you brush in the gel will stay in the gel ... zig zags, stripes, polka dots ...


Sometimes I cover the front and backs of my paper.  This time I only did the fronts.  You can see my Thanksgiving Booklet covers here.  Notice that they are NOT flat!  This gel will move your paper and it will NOT be perfectly flat.  Don't let that scare you though!  The finish is so polished and professional ... you'll fall in love quickly!

I also glossed my tag on the front of the booklet after I wrote my copy on it.


Would you believe the one thing I tell everyone NOT to do ... I did!  When you line up the inserts make sure the white line in the center is facing the BACK of the book.  I didn't do it on this insert and that's why I have this white line showing.  It doesn't ruin the book ... but it is a detail that I can't help but notice.  I may have to make a new book now!  {grin}.


Wishing you and your family a blessed Thanksgiving!


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  1. HAPPY THANKSGIVING! This is a very nice booklet you got here! Thanks for sharing this to us! Enjoy the Holidays and eat well!