CoCo on Location . . .

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

01 31 10_5791

I recently came across these photos from our video shoots for our Escape Blog ... and I had to share!  This is my kitty CoCo (she's a Scottish Fold) and she NEVER comes out in public.  However, she felt very comfortable on location in my studio!
During breaks she'd step out of the box and venture out for a close up of the project we were working on.

01 31 10_5807

And then to the other side of the table to check out the scene from camera left.

01 31 10_5808

01 31 10_5817

 And then back to camera right.

01 31 10_5835

The day in the life of a cat! 

You can check out the videos we shot that day right here!

And the sequel ~

Happy Paper Crafting!


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