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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


My friend Debbie made this darling conversation starter.  If you read her blog you may already know that she needed a project to do with a group of approximately 18 church ladies.  Triston's Hope ~ Debbie's Blog

So this is the project she came up with.  I have to admit ... I'm just catching up to it!  Although Easter 2010 has come and gone ... I know Easter 2011 will be here sooner than I can imagine.  And although this project has an Easter theme ... it would be SOOOO EASY to change the theme!Deb3a
Debbie doesn't typically use die cut shapes in her projects ... but I am so glad she did!  I LOVE the butterfly behind this page!





I also LOVE how she used the circle tag below!  WAY interesting!


I nearly dropped dead when I saw the back of her album!  A butterfly punch ... used TWICE!  And if you think for a second that the 'le-lu-ia!' just happened to be punched like that ... think again!  I LOVE this!



Check out the beads on the band.  Okay ... not really Debbie but again I LOVE it!  She really went outside her box on this little album!  {smiles}


Lucky me!  Debbie gave me an extra class project so I could also make one ... that was a GREAT day!  She had it all packaged neat and tidy.  Of course I'd already gone thru the package BEFORE I took a photo so it's not as tidy as Debbie's original packaging. 


And then I laid it all out so I could take a visual inventory.  YUM!  The purple butterfly is SO NOT DEBBIE!  However, she found them dirt cheap and knew her gals would love them.  For her album Debbie incorporated the beads on the organza ribbon into the ribbon binding.  (That's what I'm gonna do to!). 

Debbie had also found the bling crosses on clearance LONG ago and had picked them up.  They made a great addition to the project packet. 


Because MOST of her ladies weren't crafters she basically did everything for them (she's a dream date)!  Look at my mini album.  It's ready to start embellishing!  OMG I couldn't be more excited ... and I know how to do this stuff.


Isn't this fun!  I hope it inspires you like it has me!  And by the time I actually finish this it just might be Easter 2011!  {smiles}.

Happy Paper Crafting!


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  1. What a great looks beautiful and I love the idea too! So many of my women at church are "non" crafty - in fact, they panic when I bring in stamping for our mission projects! To have things better prepared like this would really help I think. :)

  2. would love a product list & structions...great project for my faith formation class receiving first communion on mother's day

  3. So nice idea. Thanks for sharing.

  4. so cute idea. Thanks for sharing.