Meet Stella ...

Friday, August 13, 2010


This pathetic little face belongs to the newest and youngest member of our family ... Stella. 

So ... I'm NOT a dog person (AT ALL) but ... I have to remember ... it's NOT all about me.  LOL!  My sweet husband and daughter found Stella at Lowe's ... no ... they weren't looking for dogs.  Long story short ... Stella was the only puppy left in the litter that hadn't sold and somehow ... as Sophie puts it, "Mommy, Stella found ME!"

She's 7 weeks old, 12.8 pounds (she went to the vet today) and she's an American Bulldog.

We have high hopes for Stella!

Mom ~ hopes that Stella will potty train soon and easily.

Dad ~ hopes that Stella will be sleeping through the night soon (she was up 3 times last night).

Boy ~ hopes to teach Stella how to ride a skateboard down the hall.

Sophie ~ hopes that Stella gets to stay longer than 1 week (trial period).


While hubs keeps shaking his head back and forth in disbelief (he just KNEW I'd say NO!)... I keep telling him to embrace her.  Stella isn't going anywhere.

Happy Paper Crafting!


PS ~ I think you can imagine how furious my cats are!

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  1. How stinking cute! The cats will adjust...hopefully! I found with our puppy, who is a year old now, when we moved his kennel into the room at night, he slept much better at night. Not sure why he did, but he slept thru the night in there. Wasn't a big fan of kennels before we had a puppy, but it really did help with the potty training. Gives them a safe place to stay while you're out of the house. Max still sleeps in his kennel, with the door open, in my room at night. She's a cutie! Enjoy her!

  2. What a fabulous face.
    I have 5 cats and a dog. The cats will adapt
    Karen S

  3. Stella is a great name, and that puppy is adorable. My 14-month-old daughter is named Stella, and my brother and sister-in-law have Boston Terriers named Stella and Stanley.

  4. No one could say "no" to that adorable face! What a cutie! Just imagine all the cute stamps you can design of "Miss Stella" for our new Serendipity. Hmmmmm,she could be the Stella Bunny, or running with a big heart in her mouth for Valentine's. LOL!

  5. He is so cute!!! I am so glad you got a dog .... now you will really see how great pets are ... cats are not the same as dogs who really show you love all of the time. I just love the little black dots on his face. Enjoy!

  6. OMG----Sophie I am so happy for you. Don't tell mommy, but I prayed you would get a dog someday soon--ever since you posted on my photo with Jessie in the shower with our Riley. lOL My goal for you--is to get your swimsuit on--jump in the shower with Stella and mom won't be able to resist taking a picture...I am thinking I should be Auntie Christine to Stella--since God answered my silly prayer. As for the night sleeping--crate in bedroom works the best. Later you move it to the hall--and then eventually where she can call her bedroom. She is ADORABLE..yep I see cute dog stamps coming our way! Congrats to the Smith family, I bet she has already found a place in all your hearts. :)

  7. OMG--she is so cute! Dear Miss Sophie: Don't tell momma--but I have prayed for you to get a dog ever since you posted on my photo on FB with Jessie and my dog Riley in the shower. My goal for you is to get in the shower--with your swimsuit and Stella--I promise momma won't be able to resist a photo! So do I get to be Auntie Christine, since I pray to God with such a silly prayer? LOL I am sure Stella has already touched all of your hearts. :) I suggest crate in bedroom with a family member..after awhile move her to the hall..then to her room..eventually she will feel safe sleeping alone. Good luck and congrats Smith family!!

  8. Sorry for the duplicate post--I did not think the first one went through. Opps!

  9. the cats will come around! I have two dogs and two cats they learn to live with each other or at least tolerate each other! that face is priceless, good luck with the training it takes a lot of love and patience but I know that you have plenty of that to spare!

  10. What a face! I was never a dog person and always had cats but now we have Walter, a rescued yellow lab mix and he is wonderful. He loves me so much, in a different way than a cat - I know you will love them equally! :) Good luck with the's very important as a puppy because then you will have a great dog/companion!

  11. Stella is adorable! Well, good luck with the "sleeping through the night" thing. Puppies usually do wake up several times at night for a few weeks until they settle in to a new home, get over missing their Mum and litter-mates, and most importantly until their little digestive systems are mature enough to manage a few more hours without food and ...ahem....potty breaks. But oh my! Puppies are SO worth it! And I'm a mainly cat lady, so believe me, Stella will be such a blessing.

  12. What an adorable little puppy! He will bring you lots of joy and laughs! Congrats on the new family member.

  13. Thank you for adopting that sweet little thing and giving him a loving home. Be patient and he will reward you with many years of love and devotion.

  14. She's ADORABLE! You will have so much fun with her. A few years ago I could not imaging getting a dog, I thought I was not a dog person lol and now that I have my two chihuahaus I cannot imagine life without them.