Be A Blessing ~ Bad to the Bone

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


This is an image from one of our newest sets called Bad to the Bone ~ cute huh!  {smiles}

I wanted to do something little just to bless my boy so this is what I came up with.  Now WHY is this a blessing you ask?  Well, first of all, I DON'T buy him Monster drinks ... and he LOVES them!  He also likes to collect all of their different cans ... go figure.  So just the fact that I would spend $2.95 to buy him this drink is a blessing right there.  Then I wanted to bless him by just telling him that I am glad 'he is'!  Isn't it nice to know that you are loved just because you are you!


So this is what I did.  I just made a simple tag to put with the Monster drink.  Not much to me but meaningful to my Boy. 

When I made this tag I have to admit that I was so irritated with this kid ... UGH!  Flashback to the 1970's.  Visions of my mom sprinting around the yard chasing my older brother with a yellow-orange plastic race track began running through my head.  Had she ever caught him she surely would have hit him with that flimsly plastic thing.  Well, that's how irritated I was with Boy!  I know ... we've all been there!

So ... I decided that I (that's right ... I) needed an attitude adjustment.  I needed to extend some kindness to this kid of mine and let him know that having him in our lives is such a blessing to us!  I did have to remind myself that just because I'm not loving his immediate actions doesn't mean I don't love him.  So this is what I did:



And then I put it in the fridge ... where I knew he'd find it.  That's why it's in plastic ... I didn't want anything contaminating it.  And the plastic actually stuck right to the Monster can.  It was like I planned it!  {smiles}


Since doing this I have seen my Boy trying to make an effort to be kinder and gentler with us at home.  He is a teenager so it's not a fool proof plan, however, it encouraged his soul and I can see that since then he's been a bit brighter around us.  That does my heart good for sure!

Fast forward 2-3 weeks.  Sometimes I wonder if all these 'little' things I do make any difference.  Does anyone notice the little quotes I set out?  The signs that speak encouraging words?  The array of positive reinforcement on the bookshelf?  The answer is YES!  This morning my Boy sent me a text asking about the Great Minds quote I have in the family room.  He needed it because Casyn wanted to use it in her homecoming speech.  WOW!  Out of left field that came.

I tell you that because I want to encourage you!  Moms get very little, if any, thanks.  I want you to know that what you do matters!  Use your creative talents and gifts to speak into the lives of your children, your family, your friends and even those you don't know!  Whether you realize it or not YOU and what YOU do makes a difference!  YOU matter!  Use this incredible power to be a blessing and encouragment to others ... it will make your soul ever so happy!

Happy Paper Crafting!


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  1. Thanks for being an inspiration! I needed that story this morning! All of us with teenagers need much more wisdom!!! THANKS AGAIN!

  2. Thanks for sharing something of yourself and your family. It helps all of us. It's great that Kevin wanted that quote and had paid attention even when you didn't think so! Cute tag too! :-)

  3. Yesterday at Bible Study I cried because of the way my daughter's been treating me and yet when she came home from school, all was well. I know they have a lot of stress in their lives and who do we tend to take things out on? Family! Thanks for the attitude adjustment reminder - it sounds like it did the trick! I love that stamp set, BTW, can't wait to make my hubby a valentine with it - I know he'll blush!

  4. Mischelle,
    Thanks for sharing your ideas. I used to do things somewhat like that for my boys, who are now in their 40's.
    Now, we have custody of our 15 year old Granddaughter (who'd have thunk at 64, I'd be raising another teenager) and I do things like this for her. Some days, you just have to 'believe' that all of this is having some effect....even if you don't see evidence at the time.
    Yesterday, I found a note from her on the ME!!
    Gotta love kids!!!