Coloring an image different Skin Tones

Wednesday, September 08, 2010


BELOW is a card from page 28 of our current Inspiration Book.  Sorry for the appearance ... I took a photo of the page so you could see this image colored Caucasian. 

If you saw my last post you know that Betty (TAC Customer Service) asked me about coloring the same image different skin tones.  Coloring a Caucasian-ish image African American  Here are three cards I did this past weekend each with a different skin tone.  I used my Copic Markers on all, with Tuxedo Black Memento Ink.  I also used VersaMark ink on the cards.

ABOVE:  I LOVE the card featured above!  If I have any tips ... it would be that when you use darker colors it takes less layers!  Caucasian skin tones I layer color on top of color on top of color.  The darker the color ~ the less layers you'll do.  You also have to be more conscious of where you put the color.  The darker the color ~ the less forgiving it is when you make a boo boo!  This is a harder skin tone palette to work with but once you master it ~ you'll LOVE it also!

I used 3 colors on the little guys hair (above).  I colored his hair using small circles because I was trying to imply depth and softness.

Catty card

LOVE the card below!  This is one of my favorite skin tones to work with!  I have a niece and 2 nephews who are 1/2 Tai and 1/2 Caucasian so I often draw on them for inspiration.  And they each have their own skin tone colors ~ just like my brothers and sisters and I do.  I am the neon white girl in the family.  UGH!  {smiles} 

BELOW:  This was my biggest challenge.  I'm not sold on this combination of colors I used.  I was trying to match my nephews skin tones and I just don't have them down yet.  I'll keep practicing though!  And my nephew has straight black hair so that was a bit easier to capture!  I still need to work on adding highlights to my darker hair ... that's another post!


I hope this gives you more ideas for working with your stamps!  Wait until you see my next post ~ it's girls done in different skin tones!  I think you'll LOVE it!

Happy Paper Crafting!


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  1. Love all the different many great background ideas along with the coloring ideas!

  2. Great cards! Love the different looks and styles, and, of course, coloring!

  3. Mischelle, thanks for these very different variations! What did you use for the border of the top card, the boy with the soft, curly hair? I love that!

  4. I love all of the different skin tones that you used! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Mischelle, What Copic colors did you use?

  6. Everything looks just beautiful! Great job!