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Friday, January 14, 2011


Here are a few cards that I designed with one of my favorite sets ~ Modern Mix.

The card above I LOVE!  I think I design best when I design simple and this is SOOOO simple!  The 'almost' square box line image round my card came from one of our $7.95 stamp sets.  You see ~ all of our images have a BOX around them like this so ... I carefully cut out the stamp set and then saved this BOX.  I then cut the bottom to match the saying 'Hello There'.  Because every stamp set we sell comes with a BOX ~ I can customize the areas I need to ... to fit any sized saying!  You can tell that my lines are kinda wobbly ... but ... I kinda' liked that!  {smiles}

For the card above I used Pear Tart and Angel Pink Memento Inks.  YUM!

So here is the set that I am designing with.  It's one of my favorites and one that I actually designed with a little help from our Graphics staff.  This set is featured in our  Fall Supplement  if you want to check it out.


LOVE this card below!  So NOT my palette but thought I'd try something different!  I used Lulu Lavender, Sweet Plum, Cantaloupe, Tangelo, Pear Tart and Bamboo Leaves Memento Ink.  The colored cs is DCWV.


I recently saw a card on SCS that reminded me to stamp on BLACK cs!  Black Magic Card

It's been quite some time since I've done this so thought I'd try it with this set.  After coloring I inked up my outline stamps with Tuxedo Black Memento Ink and then embossed that with Transcendence Emboss Powder.  This image is colored with Chartreuse, Aquamarine and Process Red Prismacolor Pencils.


I inked the outline stamp with my Tuxedo Black Memento Ink and then used Transcendence Powder to emboss.  It's much more defined in person, however, not a crisp black.  The final result is more charcoal-ish.


If you try this at home (and I hope you do ~ it's FUN and addictive) here is a little tip guide.  My Cloud White VersaMagic Ink provided an even surface to color on.  The New Canvas Palette was 'speckly'.  Either works fine for this technique though!

Stamp your image in white, I then outline it with my color and then fill in.

The last image shows where I stamped the outline image over the bold using the Cloud White VersaMagic.  This image is NOT embossed.


Of course ... I had to TRY everything.  This image is embossed with VersaMark Ink and Transcendence only.  The outline over the image is very clear.

I used the same colors as above and also my FAVORITE stamp set ~ Fancy Curls for the border on the bottom piece.


I rubbed my VersaMark Pad around the edges of my stamped piece and then embossed to frame my colored image.


And then ~ I had to try the exact same thing but emboss with WHITE!  So the only difference in the card below is that I stamped with VersaMark and/or Cloud White VersaMagic and then embossed with White Emboss Powder.  I forgot to use my Static Magic over the floral image and you can tell if you look closely!  I have some speckles.



For the card below I used Orange, Limepeel and Mulberry Prismacolor Pencils.  After coloring I used a white gel pen to outline.  Sophie did tell me "MOM!  Enough with the squiggles and dots."  What can I say ... addictive FUN!


I didn't want to show you the card below ... but ... it's important that we learn from each others mistakes and if I can spare you the pain of this disaster ... well ... that's good!

For the card below I used the exact same colors as above.  After I was all finished I decided to add Glossy Accents.  When it dried ... I remembered why this is a no-no!  It changes the color of your Prismacolors!  At least on black!  DON'T do this!


I hope these cards inspire you to pull out your stamps, your inks, your colors, your embossing powders ... and have a little stamping FUN!

Happy Paper Crafting!


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  1. These are great! I don't have this set but now... Love your different ways of playing with the coloring.

  2. Mischelle that set never really caught my eye, but I love your samples and now...................It of course is on my list. This is a GREAT idea!
    Thank you.
    I could use some Victorian Elements ideas. =)

  3. Thanks Friend! I {deep breath} NEED this set too! I remember telling you---I don't get this set at all. Now I feel bad, bc I had no idea you helped design it. {opps}---but now I totally get what you do with it bc of your beautiful creations. Will you forgive me? LOL ♥Christine

  4. ps..I call it the olive set, because some of the circles remind me of olives. HA

  5. These are amazing! And I love the idea of using the "box" from the stamp sets!! I will be trying that!!

  6. So many examples! Love them all, you really made this set pop and like Christine said... I get it now :-) I LOVE your squiggles!

  7. wow I love All your cards- even the booboo- for someone who didn't know it would be quite acceptable.

  8. Wow .... I love what you did with these. Your samples are stunning!

  9. My favorite thing to use on black cardstock are the souffle pens! You sell those, remember!

  10. THANK YOU!! I'm with everyone else, this set never grabbed me but your card samples are stunning. I loved the stamp outline box! I used to cut them apart to stamp as straight lines (and they are wobbly) but this is the best idea yet! You rock. :)

  11. Wow... Talk about GORGEOUS!!! Beautiful work Mischelle!
    Love the box idea...will being sharing that idea at our next Funshop!
    Thanks for the inspiration!