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Sunday, January 16, 2011


Okay ~ this is my last post featuring Modern Mix!  {I can hear you applauding ... smiles}

I thought I'd show you a few more cards I whipped up while the set and pieces and basically ... all the mess was still left on my desk.

I LOVE the card above!  I wanted to use orange instead of purple ... but I ran out.  So ... I pulled out a purple that matched.  Then I ran it through my Spellbinders and the die was too square for my piece.  So I ripped it to pieces and extended it into a rectangle!  {brilliant right?!... LOL}  I swiped my VersaMark around the edges and that sealed the deal.  To jazz it up a bit I decided to sew on it.  I LOVE sewing cardstock!

The card below was my last.  I had no coordinating cardstock pieces left (other than tiny snippets) so I thought ... make it work with what I have!  I actually like this card!


I HAD to make a card and put Glossy Accents on it!  LOVE my GA's!  I was also low on colored cardstock so had to figure out another way to design this card.  I sanded the orange, however, the purple does NOT have a white core ... so I used Cloud White VersaMagic around it to soften the hard edge.

Did you notice the Glossy Accents on all of the little dots and the THANK YOU also!  LOOOOVE IT!



The card below ... UGH!  Here's the scoop ... I design simple.  Plain and simple that is.  Well, Sophie likes me to jazz things up and was getting really upset because I refused to use Stickles on any of my cards.  I explained to her that I am NOT a Master Stickler but that didn't work.  She wouldn't stop bugging me.

Then ... I said "If it don't need it ... DON'T do it!"  I know  ... poor grammar!

And she replied quite matter of factly "If it's pretty ... PUT IT ON!"  Sha-zam!

So ... I pulled out the Stickles.  It wasn't long before I realized that I was sabotaging myself in the process.  I SOOOO did not want to slobber stickles all over my card and I had a less than stellar attitude.  I then thought how often does this happen to us?  Someone wants us to demo something ... but ... we don't really love the product (or we're not masters with it) so we lose our enthusiasm for demo-ing it.  I needed a major mind-set change.

So ... I decided that I was going to work those darn stickles to the best of my ability.  I'd show her how to highlight the outlines, how to create a squiggle background, how to outline the image ... WOW!  Look at me go!


I'm not going to lie ... I'm still not a Master Stickler and this still isn't my favorite card ... but ... I did enjoy making it ... once I adjusted my attitude!

Hope you discovered something you can incorporate into your next project!

Happy Paper Crafting!


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  1. these are all soooo gorgeous! I have a new love for this set!

  2. Love your examples! Way to go with the stickles too!

  3. Okay so I will honestly say that I had no idea that we even had this stamp set. When I saw your first example I thought why the heck is she not using one of our stamp sets. Then I continued to read the post and low and behold I am totally in love with this stamp set. Oh I can't wait to get it. I think I now have a reason to start stamping again. Thank you for that. Your creations are so BEAUTIFUL ! ! ! ! Thank you for sharing everything Mischelle you truly are fantastical.
    Inky Huggz,
    Missy Olson
    Angel #1754