Guest Designer Rita Kegg and Be Lifted

Monday, February 14, 2011

 I am thrilled to be a guest designer for TAC's 'You Make Life Fabulous' event in February.  The set I selected is 'Be Lifted' because I thought the images were very versatile and I love the words that go with the set.  Most of the cards I made use the Emma SWIC paper line and matching cardstock.  In the next picture you can see the Copic colors I used to color the kite.

 My first card is a vertical Curved Stand Up card.  The background paper is 4 1/4" x 5 1/2" with the layer cut at 4" x 5 1/4".  After I attached them I scored them in the middle, 2 1/8", so I could crease it to stand.  The lower section is cut at 2" x 5 1/4" (an inch larger) and scored at 1/2" on each of the shorter ends.  This then is attached at the back of the card and curved with your hand but NOT scored around the front!  I used an edge punch on the front piece on the top edge, cut out the kite, layered it and then cut it out again.

 The kite is shaded using tiny circles with Copic makers and highlighted with a Clear Gel Glitter Pen.  If you notice it is only attached on the left side and not on the curved middle so it will stick out a little.  The words are stamped on one of the tags in the Emma Collection with the holes for the ribbon left in and taped in place on the back.  I raised it with mounting cushion.  Everything is stamped with Rich Cocoa Memento Ink.

I attached another piece of matching paper on the back to cover the connecting edges.  It can be signed on the top on the yellow.

My second card is made in the same manner but made on the horizontal instead of the vertical ... in other words the background is wider than the height.  The card is cut in the same manner as the first except the narrow front piece which is cut at 2" x 6 1/2" and scored 1/2" on each of the shorter ends.  I scored the background in the middle which would be at 2 3/4" to crease.

I did not cut out the kite this time but colored it in the same manner with the Copics shown. I added a thicker accent striped paper on the front piece but still used the edge punch on the top edge.  The words are a tag that I cut off parts of it so it would fit my needs of this card ...  yes ... you do not have to use tags as a whole you can use just parts of them!

Notice how the front kite is not attached to the middle of the curved paper.  Notice the ribbon sticking up in the back .....

.... I decided to fancy up the back a bit ..... I attached a punched edge white layer with an accent of striped paper and words stamped in Rich Cocoa Memento Ink.  I only attached it totally on the right side and only 1/4" on left edge to form a pocket for a tag!  Then you can use the tag to write your message.  I love how the back turned out .... it looks as good as the front!

This next card I designed in my favorite fashion ... from the scrape laying in front of me!!  I stamped the open kite with Rich Cocoa  Memento Ink, and the inside kite which was stamped in Potter's Clay Memento Ink.  I colored the background of the kite with a Copic maker.  I did not have a ribbon that I liked to match for the tail so I colored the ribbon with my Copic makers to make it match the Emma papers.

I punched the edge with my edge punch and went around all of the layering pieces with a dark brown Copic maker. Notice I added a smaller section on the inside of the card also.

The words are stamped on a tag with the the holes covered with tape on the back.  Aren't these great words to send to a friend who you are praying for during their challenging times.  They can set the card up in front of them as a reminder that God is with them Always!  I love that!!  The kite and the tag are attached with mounting cushion.  The tail of the kite is free moving!

My next card is a Girdled Bookmark card.  The words are stamped on part of a tag with Rich Cocoa Memento Ink .... I cut off the part that I did not want to use.  It is OK to do that ... and attached with mounting cushion so the bookmark will slide under it.

The bookmark pulls out of the girdle easily as you can see ...

The girdle is made with two small ovals with a hole punched on one of the sides. I find it easier to attach them to the card with the bookmark tied in place with the ribbon so I get the correct spacing.

You can see in the picture which markers I used for coloring the tail.  The kite is paper pieced which means I stamped it on the white paper in Memento Rich Cocoa and then a second time on the Emma striped paper.  I cut out the striped paper and attached it over the first stamping.

Here you can see how I attached a tag to the back of the bookmark for the ribbon pull and for the message on the back of the bookmark.  All of the papers and tags in the Emma collection are double sided so it makes it hard to decide which one to use so here I was able to show both sides .... at least parts of both!

If some of you are feeling the first cards are harder or more time consuming then you may like these better.  This is a quick card with the kite and words stamped in Rich Cocoa Memento ink and colored in with colored pencils since the Copics would bleed through a single layer.

I added a one inch piece of Emma along the left front which is punched and again on the inside of the card to show off the punching on the right front of the white paper. Again I love these words!

You may be able to see the Clear Gel glitter pen used here for accent.  The next card is my least favorite but I thought I would show it since it may inspire others to do something with the idea.

For this card I cut freehand clouds from dotted paper and attached them to a background I had stamped using 'Speckled'  stamp in two different shades of blue ink.  I also stippled lighter blue on the inside and darker blue ink along the edges of the card front.  I colored the kite and cut it out and attached it so it looks like it is flying in the sky.

 This is a quick and easy card to make and your kite can be colored before hand to make it even quicker!  Notice in the above picture to two shaded of blue stamped.

I wanted to use the kites as an edge design as you can see I did on the left side of this card and the tails as swirls for cards.  I like how the swirls came out but not sure I like the edge design with this card.  I stamped them both in Potter's Clay Memento Ink and used colored pencils to color in the ties of the tail.  The tag in the middle is also for the Emma collection and is attached with mounts.  I used my Clear Gel Glitter pen to accent the tails or swirls so they are glittery. Love the glittery!!!

This last card I love ... it is really soft and delicate.  I first scored my white paper, 4' x 5 1/4", on the diagonal in both directions every 1 1/4" to give myself guide lines.  Then I stamped the kite with Lulu Lavender Memento ink in each of the diamonds that were formed.  I mounted it on a white A2 card and added a drop of lavender Stickles at every intersection.  When that was dry, I added the layered words  from the set 'Love You' which is stamped in Tuxedo Black Memento ink on white card stock and layered on black.  Notice I used the edge punch for an accent on the top of the white and then added the Lavender Stickles to the smaller dots for accent.

I do hope you enjoyed viewing my cards and hope all of you have an opportunity to play with this set and can try my designs.  Add your creations to the link below to be entered into TAC's weekly contest. 'Be Lifted'  has a lot to offer ..... it it not just kites .... as you can see many things can be made with these kites just be creative with the elements.  Oh ... I didn't even use all of the stamps in this set even though I tried. Check it out HERE.  Stamp with YOUR Spirit today and share your blessings with others!


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  1. Rita~ WOW! What a beautiful card collection! You are an inspiration!

  2. Incredible cards, Rita. I especially liked the ribbon tail on the kite, the paper-pieced kike, the use of tags, the interactive cards, and even the border made from the kite stamp. Neat ideas. You are FABULOUS! Congratulations on such incredible work!

  3. Rita,
    you are so unbelievably talented, and that's why you were chosen to be on the Design Team. Congratulations!
    I look forward to seeing more of your unique creations.

  4. Lovely examples. The last is my favorite! Love the soft purple background you made, so pretty!

  5. Beautiful Rita! Love the ribbon kite tail and use of tags. I was playing with Emma last weekend and the tags are so neat. I kept thinking I should use these tags - I'm glad you did!

  6. So totally amazing - as usual, you just knock my socks off with your designs! You are so incredibly talented!!! I just ordered this set for a special friend's b-day - she and hubby love to fly kits. Can't wait to try the curved front stand up card for her.

  7. Christine PenningtonFebruary 15, 2011 at 6:22 AM

    You have been busy--what fun cards!

  8. Wonderful cards!! I am loving all those different type of cards you did, going to have to try some for sure!
    Congratulation on the Design Team, so exciting!!

  9. Wonderful cards! I love all of the variety! I have this set - and haven't used it yet. I will now get going.............
    thanks for the inspiration!

  10. Great cards Rita. Love how you used the whole kite and then parts of kites! Brilliant!

  11. Oh my gosh, Rita! These just rock!!!

  12. WOW! Such amazing work. I love the bookmarks. And especially the stand up card. I will have to try that technique.

  13. Very fun cards, Rita! Love the warm colors :)

  14. Love, love, love what you did here, Rita! Just awesome, girl!

  15. Rita...this is a set I just shrugged off...and now with these beautiful creations and the wind blowing outside - I want it!! Just beautiful your designs and coloring. Definately a WOW post! :)

  16. Gorgeous Rita. You do amazing work with Copics. But then again... Everything you do is pretty much amazing. Happy Birthday dear lady!!

  17. Wow!!!Fantastic collection of cards Rita! Can't wait till I have some time to play with this set...