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Monday, August 08, 2011

I love paper piecing, it is a quick and easy way to add to your focal image and tie your whole card together. But sometimes it can also look just a little flat. So today I am going to share with you how you can add a little depth and movement, just by shading your paper piecing with a grey Copic marker!

Start by stamping your image twice. Once on white card stock of your choice, I used Copic Xpress it, and once on a piece of patterned paper that will complement your project. ( I used Maggie SWIC)

DSC_3260 Now just as if I were going to color the image, I add shading to the area that I will be using to paper piece, in this case the dress. I used a Warm Grey #3, (actually in the picture I used WG#5 so that it would really show up for you, but it is a little darker than I really like!) this paper has a subtle taupe in the background and I wanted to complement that. I find that most times the Warm Greys work best for this, but if you don't have any of the warm greys, then try this with what you do have. But start with a #3, you can always add a little darker shade if you like, but it is harder to remove if you don't like it!! Ask me how I know!! :)

Now I blend my WG-3 out with a WG-1. As soon as it is completely dry I go back over the entire shaded area with my colorless blender to smooth it all out get rid of any "hard lines".

Now trim out the pieces that you need for your focal image. Normally I color the image before adhering  the paper pieces.

DSC_3271  There you have it a quick and simple way to add some depth and movement to your paper piecing! I have not tried it, but I am sure that this would work with with colored pencils and OMS too, or even chalks! I hope that you will give it a try yourself!!

DSC_3269 I hope that you will come visit me on my blog Artistic Detours. Have a really great day!! :)

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  1. So pretty Angela...I'm going to come back to study this dress. I didn't realize you had used Copics on top of the paper - wow! It does really kick things up a notch -- just like you always do! :)

  2. Wow! What awesome tip!! It's all in the details...

  3. LoVe the dress...and the bling! Beautiful!!!

  4. Wow!! What a great technique. It does add A LOT to this card! I definitely am going to have to try this!

  5. Great idea and work ! Thanks for sharing this tutorial
    Hugs, Myrna