#52 Life at Home

Saturday, December 07, 2013

Sophie got in trouble tonight. 

I pulled up into the driveway and was barely out of the car before Shug delivered the news.  Sophie's grades suck.  He's not happy.  We need to do something. 

Flashback a couple of hours.  On the way home from school he asked her what was up and she told him the classes were dumb.  To which he replied ... if they're dumb then why aren't you getting A's in them?  She didn't like his response.

So ... I went in the house.  She was sitting in the family room.  With attitude.  I said a couple of generic 'how was your day' comments which caused her to gather up her things and stomp upstairs to her bedroom.

I soon followed.  And I took her phone away.  And, by the way, as soon as she was finished doing her homework she needed to get on the dishes.

It was perhaps a bit less than 10 minutes later when twinkle toes glided down the stairs ... and much to my delight, amazement and surprise ... was pleasant!  And nice.  {She obviously knows what it takes to get back into my good graces ... smiles}. 

Later, after dad came back in, I reminded her that she needed to finish her homework and get on the dishes.  I left the room and I heard her dad say in a kind, soft voice "you do your homework and I'll do the dishes".  To which I promptly hollered from the other room "HELLO!"  Forget being wrapped around his finger ... this little girl is wrapped around his heart.  {as every girl should be} big sigh.

Flash forward.  It was getting close to bedtime and Shug and I were sitting in the family room.  {He had already cleaned the kitchen ... LOL!}.  I could tell he was feeling blue and he said "You know ... it's not like she's flunking any of her classes ... she just has B's".  After I picked my jaw up ... I was like WHAT?  Seriously?  B's.  That's it?  Of course she is capable of bringing home all A's ... but B's???.  Punishment ended.  Phone returned.  Lesson I learned ... ASK more questions! 

Flash back a little more than a few years ago.  As I was sitting at my computer working I thought of my boy.  You talk about a stubborn kid! {not sure where he gets that???!}

I can't remember what grade he was in ... 8th or 9th maybe ... and the little shit {smiles ... they might be little shits ... but they are MY little shits ... and I LOVE them!} did something that he had to be reprimanded for.  I called him on his cell phone and told him to get home.  He was in our field with Andy and Hayes ... building something or riding motorcycles ... I don't remember.

What I do remember is that the house was opened up and I could clearly hear the boys talking on their way from the shed to the house.  Andy and Hayes were like 'you never get in trouble', 'you're not gonna get grounded' and such.  I remember that Boy chuckled a couple of times because he knew they were right.  {of course I knew it too!}  I could also hear in their voices 'is he EVER going to get in trouble?'

They continued to talk about what I was going to do.  Honestly, I hadn't thought that far ahead.  I had gotten a phone call and was back in my work frame of mind.  Until I heard them talking of course.

So the three boys walked in.  They all three had that 'somebody's in trouble' kinda half smiles on their faces.  I promptly looked at Andy and Hayes and apologized to them ... "I'm sorry but Kevin won't be available the rest of the day".  Three sets of eyes went from 0 to 60 in less than 1 second.  It was awesome.  Then two of the three tried to hold their giggles in.  Of course ... it was the first time ever (LOL!) that Kevin was being punished and had to stop having fun.  Like for REALS punishment yo!  And they bore witness to it.

As Andy and Hayes left the house ... I really felt that my duty there was done.  I know I made their day ... and for some reason ... bringing them this joy brought me great joy as well.  And of course ... you're wondering what Boy's punishment was ... HELLO!  Wasn't it punishment enough that he was unavailable the rest of the day!  {smiles}

And now I have warm fuzzies all over again. 
Just thinking about these kids of mine getting in trouble has led to warm fuzzies.  Go figure.
Of course they are going to screw up now and again.
And, of course, their parents will screw up trying to teach them.

Thankfully, God has blessed us all with grace ...
No matter what those little shits do ... they are mine ... and I love them.
And no matter what Shug and I do ... they always accept our apologies when we are wrong.

It's a beautiful thing.

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