#83 7 Gifts

Sunday, February 23, 2014

If you've read my last blog post you know that I've been creating 'stuff' with the Ivy Lane Cardmaking Kit.

So here is Project #2.  I am often asked to design 'simple, easy, fast, devotional' type projects for friends.  Most of these are for use at Women's Retreats and Bible Studies.  And they need to be pretty easy so the self-labeled non-creatives can whip them out as well!

So guess who HATES reinventing the wheel? {ME}

There are so many excellent resources and ideas on the web that can be recycled and re-purposed to work with almost any theme and/or occasion. This idea is one of my favorites and it comes from an Ann Voscamp devotional ~ When You're Feeling A Bit Broken.  Now, I'm not feeling broken ... but I do want to recognize the gifts in my life ... with gratitude!

Super Easy Booklet!

Click on any image to enlarge and read about the details!
Simple, fast and easy ... you can design it to fit any theme ... anyone can create this little Gratitude booklet with ease! You can name it whatever  you like, to fit whatever occasion ... I just thought I'd go with 7 Gifts!  {smiles}
What I also LOVE about little booklets like this is the opportunity to tie in a devotional and/or moments of gratitude. What a great souvenir and a reminder of all of the gifts we've been blessed with!  And ... this booklet can easily be scaled to any shape or size!  LOVE that!

Would you like one of these little gratitude books?  I made one for myself and one to share.  Leave me a comment and I'll have a drawing at the end of the week to see who it's mailing to!  And don't forgot to sign up for my blog feed ... I don't want you to miss any give aways!  {smiles}

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