#149 Happy Bird Touch Twin Watercolor Owl

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

This was a FUN card to make!
My goal was to work on lightening my ever-so-heavy coloring hand AND
give this image a watercolor-ish look with my Twin Touch Markers.
This is how I started my card.
I had a vague idea what components I might want to use but wasn't completely sure.
I also stamped several images because I wanted more to color versus less.
I need the practice.

Design Tip: How to fix masking boo-boos

Oftentimes when I'm masking ... I have gaps in my  lines ... check out the flower above.
Thank goodness it is SUPER easy to fix!
I grab my journaling pen or in this case ... my Copic Multi-liner .... and sketch in the lines!
Despite more mistakes than I care to point out ... this card was SUPER AWESOME to create!
I used Originals Pattern: Three Elements on page 18 of Originals.
What's really funny is now I'm reading the name of this pattern for the first time ...
okay ... I just counted the three elements I planned ... LOL!
I had originally planned to put this focal point piece of the RIGHT side of this card versus the LEFT.
However ... when I was preparing to sew ... I rotated my Yellow Brushed piece and a pink flower was no longer hidden.  I wanted to hide it because it absolutely does not match the shade I used in my bird.
SO ... instead of right justified we left justified.  I think this card would look better right justified ... but I'm still LOVING it!  This palette is SO GORGEOUS!
To color this image I tried to apply just a minimal amount of color.
I then used my Colorless Blender to fade out my edges.
I went back in and applied more color to my areas where I wanted shadow and a hint more contrast.
I wanted my bird to stand out a bit more so decided to add a nice coating of Liquid Glass and glitter to it.  Of course I had to include some of the floral elements as well!

I LOVED making this card and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these stamps sets!
Not to mention this FABULOUS paper collection ... Brushed ... LOOOOOOVE!

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