#151 Stamping on Muslin

Thursday, August 07, 2014

I LOVE stamping and creating on muslin ...  IT.IS.SO.EASY ...
and the results are always intriguing!
I started with a piece of  muslin and stamped my images in black.
Of course ... I MASKED!  Masking can be done on practically anything!
Not familiar with masking ... I have several tutorials:

Basic Masking
Masking: How to Fix Masking Boo-Boo's
More Masking

I choose to color my image with my Prismacolor Pencils.
After I colored them ... I tried a touch of Odorless Mineral Spirits ...
but it wasn't significant enough to notice a transformation.
YEAH!  One less step!  {smiles}
HOLY SMOKES ... these colors are SO beautiful in person!  LOVE!

I used 3 shades of YELLOW and 2 shades of ORANGE.
4 shades of THISTLY colors for the owl.
3 shades of GREENS.
3 shades of BLUES.
They  all worked beautifully together ... and I used what I had.
Isn't the color GORGEOUS!
After I colored my image I put it on my paper trimmer ...YES ... my paper trimmer ... and trimmed it out.

TIP:   I tried different cardstock colors under the muslin piece.
WOW!  Every color placed behind the muslin changes the look of the
finished piece ... so play around until you are happy.

The muslin is thin so really takes on the color of whatever backs it.
After I had sewn my muslin to my card base it was obvious how loose my fabric was.  Bummer.
So ... I grabbed my scissors and created a hole.  I was hoping to lose some of the 'air'.

I had decided to NOT tack my muslin to my cardstock with adhesive ... I should have!
I used my scissors and snipped another little hole ...
Then I cut a bit of the excess muslin from the larger hole on the right.

And gently I sanded the area around the holes I created ...
and tried to sand the cardstock behind them as well.

I also sanded the orange cardstock edges.
I added my thistle colored card base ... oh and some Washi Tape to the sides ...
I pulled edges of the muslin to fray them ...
and realized I still wasn't finished.

I'm a female.
And and artist.
What is a darling little creation without sprinkles of glittery LOVE ... boring!
So ... I pulled out my Clear Sparkle Gelly Pen and sparkled away ...
I LOVED it!  Until the next morning ...
when I realized it still needed SOMETHING.

So ... I added my FIRST coat of Liquid Glass and set it aside to dry.

After it was dry ... the Liquid Glass wasn't smooth and perfect.
It had taken on the texture of the muslin.
Enter coat #2 of Liquid Glass.

I could have finished this piece after the 2nd layer of Liquid Glass ...
but I knew that it could be better ... so HELLO coat #3!

Once I had THREE.GORGEOUS.LAYERS of Liquid Glass ...
I was completely satisfied ... and giddy ... because it was SO.FABULOUS!
Liquid Glass makes EVERYTHING better people!

TIP:  Layer your Liquid Glass for added emphasis!
With THREE coats the Liquid Glass elements on this piece are now dome shaped
and glossy perfection!  FABULOUS for touchy feely people ... like me!

TIP: You can use Liquid Glass on practically everything you can imagine!
I say 'practically' ... because I haven't tried it on EVERYTHING ... YET.
I hope this inspires you to try something new and explore new ways to create.

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