#159 A Unique Blog Hop

Monday, August 18, 2014

A few weeks or so ago I was asked by my friend Debra Miller to join in the Unique Blog Hop.  Here is Deb's post that she did last week for this unique little hop.

So the first question is WHAT AM I WORKING ON?  Well ... if you check out my blog you'll see that I've been spending most of my time playing with my Twin Touch Alcohol markers and my new stamp sets from CTMH .... LOVE, LOVE, LOVE both!

I've also been reconnecting with some prior favorite products like my Prismacolor Pencils and Watercolor Pencils ... LOVE!

For this post ... I've grabbed a few of my 'old' projects to share and show.  If you check around my blog you'll find plenty of my newer stuff. 

The next question is HOW DOES MY WORK DIFFER FROM OTHERS IN THIS GENRE.  That's a great question!  After much thought ... I think my work tends to be commercial.  I have spent the past 15+ years designing for publication.  My work has always needed to feature a variety of products, techniques and be able to reach a broad market.  Although I love every genre ... I think my mindset is still that of a business designer.
WHY DO I CREATE WHAT I DO? WOW!  Deep questions.

I've tried my hand at other arts but I always come back to stamping.  Apparently it is my calling because it truly feeds my soul.  I just LOVE everything about it.  I LOVE everything that has to do with stamping and I love teaching others how they can master this art as well.
HOW DOES MY CREATIVE PROCESS WORK?  I wish I had a great system like Deb's but I don't.  Typically I see an image or a set that inspires me and my mind starts spinning.  Or I'll see something on Pinterest or in a magazine and think 'that'd be a GREAT card'.  I pull out my stamps and start plugging away.

If I'm working on a schedule I plan every project out.  I plan the stamp sets, the technique to highlight, the product to showcase ... there is a purpose to it.
 As of late ... I've just been enjoying the process of creating and have allowed myself to just start being creative again.  You see ... I've taken off about 3 years and just started creating again this past year.
  I feel like I'm once again discovering my wings and I'm just letting myself LOVE what I do ... whatever that is.
My favorite thing about stamping is designing.  I LOVE the entire design process and find that this is what truly feeds my soul.  I am a CTMH Consultant now and without a doubt my favorite part of this is being inspired by others and inspiring others with my work.  Hands down I just LOVE designing and have found great joy simply making cards.  That truly is where I am at right now.  Just a girl who likes to make crap.  I say that with love!  {smiles}
So I have two AWESOME gals who will be sharing with you next week ... and you will LOVE them!

1.  Angela Kelley who is an A Muse Studio Consultant.  Angela is an AWESOME designer ... check out her blog Artistic Detours here.

2.  Carol Norby.  Carol is constantly busy teaching classes at her local stamp store in her home state of sunny Arizona.  Check out Carol's blog, Stampin Carol ~ Stampin Hot in Arizona here

Both Angela and Carol will be sharing next Monday the 25th ... so please check out their blogs!  And thanks to both of these gals for keeping this Unique Hop ... Hopping.

Also today ... check out my friend Chris Franco's Unique post on her blog stampedblessings.com

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