#170 Welcome to Watercolor

Monday, October 27, 2014

So my girlfriend texted me the other evening and asked where the heck I was ... she hadn't seen any new blog posts, facebook posts, nothing.  Well ... I've been adjusting to my new position at the college ... I wrapped up my job at the hospital ... and I've been trying to get things in order from moving.  All of that kicks a girls butt.  {smiles}

I have been creating though and have a series of 3 new watercolor videos to share with you ... featuring CTMH's watercolor pencils.  And I still have 2 more to make ... HOOTIE!  Short and hopefully sweet ... I hope this series introduces you to new ways to use your watercolor pencils.

Each finished card is created first on CTMH's White Daisy Cardstock and then on Canson's Watercolor Paper.  These pencils are great to use and hopefully you'll pick up a few tips ... so let's  get started.

Video 1 of 3: Getting started

Video 2 of 3: Coloring the Flower

Video 3 of 3: Pencils on Watercolor Paper

A Closer Look:

On CTMH White Daisy Cardstock ... I LOVE really overextending the color beyond the lines.
On Canson 140# Watercolor Paper

Most watercolor artists mat their finished pieces very simply ... typically layered on a larger piece of watercolor paper and centered.  I kept this simple with just washi tape because I LOVE the simplicity of the traditional matting.  On the White Daisy card I added my favorite ... BLING ... to give it that touch of glam that I so adore.

My Work Area ...

Pretty simple.  My favorite paint brush, my pencils, a plastic palette (I also have a circle palette that I use ... no difference in performance), a scrap cloth to wipe my brushes on, clean water, my watercolor color swatch ... I have several of these.  I keep just the tools that I need at hand.

Stamps & Ink

When I watercolor I prefer using my StaZon ink ... I think it's by far the best choice for me.
Stamp your images and get ready to roll!

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