#218 100 Day Project Days 3-8

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Day 3:  El Diablo
I made this card the evening that we arrived in Colorado for Thanksgiving.  My mojo wasn't there.  I felt very guilty 'coloring' instead of visiting with family.  It totally showed ... and before I knew it El Diablo was born.  I over-sprayed this piece with my Wedding Dress irRESISTible texture spray.  I LOVE this spray ... even over-sprayed.  (Stamps: CTMH and Vera Lane Studio)
Day 4:  Thanksgiving Day
I continued to struggle with my cards while in Colorado ... again I felt guilty playing when I should be hanging out with family.  That's what kept running through my mind.  Anyway.  For this card I utilized a 3x3 Flip Flap from CTMH.  I LOVE these Memory Protectors and it worked great for this card.  It lays in the album as shown above.
When the Flip Flap is opened you can see where I recorded the holiday.
I attached the Flip Flap to the back of my card (above).  I can slide the 3x4 card into the Memory Protector and the Flip Flap stays outside the pocket.  (Stamps and Flip Flaps:  CTMH)
100 Day Project:  Days 1-4
I LOVE how all of my cards look in the Memory Protector ... even El Diablo.  LOL!  
Note Day 4 ...
Here is Day 4 shown with the Flip Flap open.  I LOVE this element!
100 Day Project:  Day 5
Day 5 makes me smile.  I like how I used the cloud stamp for clouds and ground.  (Stamps:  CTMH and Vera Lane Studio)
100 Day Project:  Day 6
Day 6 ... HOME!  I used one of my Gelli prints for the base of this card.  And then I added some doodles.  I was bummed after my Liquid Glass dried and I noticed that it bled my Micron Pen.  Oh well ... it is what it is.  (Stamps:  CTMH and Vera Lane Studio)
100 Day Project:  Day 7
Day 7 utilizes a Gelli print and my tangles.  I so enjoyed making this crazy little card!  (Stamps:  CTMH and Vera Lane)
100 Day Project:  Day 8
Day 8.  It's gloomy and chilly outside so I decided to go for an 'indoor' scene.  I had so much fun making this card!  I did try to use some colors that aren't in my regular rotation and was happy with the result.  (Stamp:  Vera Lane)
100 Day Project:  Days 5-8
My cards fit nicely in the Memory Protector and it gives me a sense of satisfaction seeing them ready to go into my album.  {smiles}

Until next time,

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  1. Another cool set of cards - keep up the good work!

  2. I just get mind blown when I see your work. Love it!!

    1. You always make me feel so good ... thank you, Chris! xoxo