#222 100 Day Challenge Days 17-28

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Yes, it's update time!  So here goes ...

(FB Live video looks best on FB Live!)

Card #17 marks the first day of SNOW!  I can't remove it from the page as it is physically connected to the pocket on the other side!  No worries tho ... clean and simple!
Card 18.  God bless this card.  UGH!  This is one I want to re-do ... like NOW!
Those damn cats!  I don't know who brought them home (it was me).  Stay out of my studio!
Thank goodness I LOVE day 20 ... it saved the spread in my book!
God's girl.  I LOVE her!
Day 22 features a 3x3 Flip Flap (like I used for the squirrels).  I wanted to remember the joy and fun we had on a cold, cold day!
I used a CTMH journal card (cropped it).  Also, my Flip Flap is attached to the back of the snowflake on the other side ... this way you can't see the adhesive flap.
There I am.  Mrs. Claus and the gift wrap that I used this day.
Day 23.  I LOVE this shot of me her!  LOL!  Just working in the studio ... listening to my favorite Christmas carols and documenting the moment.  And yes, I'm pretty sure I wake up looking like this EVERY day!  Right?!
OMGee I LOVE this new stamp set from CTMH!  It makes its official debut on January 1st or 2nd.  I've used it so much already ... LOVE it!
My need for some clean and simple continued ...
Day 25 after a long day in the studio.  {smiles}  Of course that's me again!
My favorite color combination.  I just look at it and breathe calmer!
Day 27.  My fav's again.  This time with an overlay.  LOVE these overlays!  This is actually a 2x2 and it's perfect!
Quick and easy cardmaking!
Day 28.  Today.  My cup runneth over!
I LOVE the gold embossed 'blessed' ... it's perfect!

And there we go ... Days 17-28.  Now back to making ...

Everyday Life Album - Stripes 
Black and White Striped Album by CTMH:  On special this month! 
If you happen to be a planner ... check out these planner pages that also work in these albums!

Also available in Sea Glass.  {I have both and LOVE both ... but the black and white stripes are an instant fav!}

And then ... this Everyday Life Album has been added in clearance.  I have it as well and LOVE it!  This album is hardcover whereas the two above are not.  They are all the same size ... which I LOVE!
This is available while supplies last (since it is in clearance).  It's ONLY $5.48!  LOVE!!!

And ... for my 100 Day Project ... I'm using these 3x4 Memory Protectors:
And ... these 3x3 Flip Flaps:

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