#227 100 Day Project Cards 29-41

Saturday, December 31, 2016

 And so it continues ... rolling into Christmas.
 Card #29
Sophie and I took a road trip.  We picked up Dramsie (mom & grandma) and headed off to Olive Garden.  Girl time.  A chilly, gloomy kinda day outside ... but warm and sparkly in our hearts.
It's the little things ... like road trips.
STAMPS:  SU! ~ White Christmas; INK:  Zig Clean Color w/waterbrush  SPARKLES:  Imagine ~ Sheer Shimmer Spritz Frost
 Card #30.  What else is there to say?
 This is true.  I HATE people going through my studio {with the intention of swiping stuff} ... so true.  #keepinitreal
There are some things I don't share well.  I'll be the first to admit it!  I LOVE my girl ... but OFF WITH HER HEAD!  {smiles}  #shesdramsiesfavorite
IMAGE:  Quirky Queen of Hearts by Vera Lane Studio  SPARKLES:  Imagine ~ Sheer Shimmer Spritz Frost
 #31.  Simple and beautiful ... trying to reflect the joy in my heart.
My cards are get 'bunged' up as I pull them in and out of their pages ... perhaps I should come up with a better system?  {smiles}
STAMPS:  CTMH ~ A Child is Born, Jennifer's Hand Alphabet, Wreath  INKS:  Memento w/waterbrush
 Card #32.  I LOVE this card ... or rather ... this image.
It makes my heart happy.
STAMPS:  Newborn King ~ SU!  INKS:  Memento w/waterbrush

They make me happy!
 Beautiful colors make me even more happy!  I LOVE this collection!
 #33  Joyful.  What do you mean Queenie isn't looking JOYFUL?!  {smiles}  Perhaps her head is spinning with holiday bliss?  Then again ... maybe she's just bitchy?!  {LOL!}
I LOVE this paper from The Paper Studio.  I picked it up at 75% off at Hobby Lobby.  HELLO!
Of course ... life without sparkles is just l.i.f.e.
STAMPS:  Queenie ~ Vera Lane Studio  DIE: SU! Butterfly Thinlets   INK: Copics  SPARKLES: Imagine ~ Sheer Shimmer Spritz Frost
 #34  Christmas Eve.  I am surrounded by happy hearts ... my cup runneth over.
 I LOVE these overlays from CTMH!
 #35  Christmas Day.  Glory to the Newborn King!
STAMPS:  SU! Gentle Peace  INK:  Copic Markers
 Yes, I love this set.  Card #36
 I have never played with glitter and acetate ... so I gave it a whirl.  Although I see every mistake ... I still LOVE it.

I made a high speed video of the process ... I should upload it?!
STAMPS:  SU! Gentle Peace  GLITTER:  Art Glitter  GLUE:  CTMH Liquid Glass
Yes, this makes me happy!
And then came ....
 OH.MY.GOSH!  This page cracks me up ... well, now.
#37.  I was pooped this day.  Something simple was all I had in me.
STAMPS:  CTMH ~ Wreath, Jumping Geometrics  INKS:  Peerless Watercolors
#38.  Pathetic pretty much sums it up.  LOL!
STAMPS:  Vera Lane Studio Fishbone and Wishbone  INK:  Copics
#39.  I'm trying to make myself feel better.  
I must say ... the NICEST thing anyone did for me this week:  Sophie went to Dillons and got me chicken noodle soup from the deli.  and sprite.  and my RX.  That meant more to me than anything!  It truly is the little things that mean the most!
STAMPS:  Vera Lane Studio  Miss Dee, Cheers  INKS:  Copic  SPARKLES: Imagine ~ Sheer Shimmer Spritz Frost
 #40  Regardless of how I feel ... I have to pour my energy into what makes me sparkle.  
STAMPS:  Vera Lane Studio Kiss the Frog  INKS:  Copic Markers  SPARKLES: Imagine ~ Sheer Shimmer Spritz Frost
What a difference between this page and the last!  That's so how life is.
 #41.  Decmeber 31, 2016.  The only words I want to speak over and over again, today.  "Lord, with all my heart ... I thank YOU!"
STAMPS:  Vera Lane Studio  Ladies Who Lunch   INKS:  Copics  SPARKLES: Imagine ~ Sheer Shimmer Spritz Frost
I am so blessed.  INCREDIBLY blessed!  I am so thankful!  Thankful most of all for each of the wonderful people in my life ... who speak into my life and over me.  Thankful for those I love daily ... Shug, Boy, Sophie and Stella. Thankful for HIM who loves me daily ... regardless of the mess I am.

2017 is just hours away ... and already my prayer for the year has begun ... "Father, bind my wandering heart to thee!"

My Cup Runneth Over!

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  1. You do such beautiful work, it will be fun seeing the rest of your 100 day challenge.