#246 Be A Rainbow Journal Pages with Vera Lane Studio

Thursday, March 02, 2017

Let me introduce you to Raven and Pixie ... those two smiley characters on the right.  I finally got my little grubbers on this set and I couldn't wait to play.  I used the saying in this set for my inspiration.

I instantly thought it would be fun to color my images using only my GRAYS!  I thought it would be tough, but honestly, it was much easier than I thought!  I liked the idea of showing Raven and Pixie in a GRAY world.  And then ...
I thought it would be fun to do the same scene but in COLOR!  I found a saying and printed it for this layout. 

Here are the sets I used for these layouts:
Aren't they a hoot!  I used all 5 of the Raven and Pixie elements in this set plus a couple more.
 We had a cute little kitty, from Cats and Crocks, that wanted to play with Raven and Pixie.
And ... I grabbed the flower on the lower left, from Doodle Collection, also.

Now ... for some close ups:
It was SOOOO windy when I shot these photos ... I wanted to get the same angles but I ended up just being happy I got shots I could use!  sigh.  Kansas!
I had SO.MUCH.FUN making these pages!  I've also been trying to try some new styles ... such as the eye above ... I LOVE how Megan Suarez paints her pieces and I'm trying to play with some of her styles.  I know ... I have TONS of work to do to get there ... but it'll come.  {smiles}
Of course ... it was a bit harder to have so much open white space ... I HAD to add more elements!  {smiles}
I LOVE his little rainbow tail!
And ... again ... it's easier to do less elements on the gray piece with that background!
I went a bit crazy adding doodles on my RAINBOW page ... it was so easy though!  And very addicting!
So there you go ... GRAY ...
And COLOR!  I'm so glad I started my journal ... I LOVE having my pages and it's so cool to constantly be adding!

I had SO.MUCH.FUN making these layouts!  I hope they inspire you to get your pinky's inky!  I have so much fun playing over on Vera Lane ... join us and join in on the fun!

Happy Papercrafting!

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  1. WOW WOW WOW.....I am on my knees bowing to you......your work continues to amaze me! These stamps in their packages do nothing for me. These stamps in your artwork do EVERYTHING for me! I want them! I love love love the piece in Grays. I love black & white photography and am blown away at what you see when colours are absent. Thank you for sharing.....I am in AWE!

    1. Thank you SO much, Nancy! Your words are such a blessing to me and remind me how blessed I am that God lets me play with the things I love! Thank you! And God bless! xoxo