#253 Happy Dark Corner Week on Vera Lane

Thursday, March 16, 2017

It is Dark Corner Week on Vera Lane!  That means some of the quirkiest characters you'll find are coming out to play.

I decided to go behind the scenes this week and create a yearbook-style project that allows me to dig a little deeper and learn something about some of these whimsical characters.
Starting with Charlie Walker.  I had no idea he was a Coach and a Teacher!  You might also notice some of my scribbles on the side of the page.  Every time I see Charlie I think of the Charlie Walker in Kansas.  Who knows?  These two Charlie's could be related.  Or share a bit of 'Charlie-isms' perhaps?!
Every year Dark Corner has all kinds of crazies showing up just to get their photo in the yearbook. No.  Not all of these characters are from Dark Corner ... but ... the photographer can never tell the difference.
The pages of the yearbook are made on the Gelli Arts Plate ... per Miss Dee.  NEW stencils arrived just in time.  For reals ... how cute is Cindy Clawford on this GORGEOUS Joggles stencil?!  Miss Dee knows her stuff!
Silver Delicata was added with a stencil to give the pages a bit of sparkle.  After all ... the yearbook is a BIG deal in Dark Corner!
That Denise Fletcher.  Teacher's Pet.  Of course she got her own damn page!
What happened here?  Oh wait ... there's an Editor's Note:  Image to be released during Dark Corner Week 2.  Well, looks like Elenora is the star of this show.  And 4 feet named Giggles. 
She's an odd little cutie ... that Elenora Lynch.  Bird whisperer.
No matter how Giggles comes to school ... he still scares the hell out of people.  Poor Giggles.
Hayes.  The most popular boy in school!  And you can see why!
Everyone's favorite.  And how cute is that Carlos?!  Grrrrrrr ... right little Carlos!
Love Letter must not be graduating this year.  Or perhaps she's been here so long .. . everyone's forgot.  No.  That didn't make any sense.  Did it.
There's Miss Dee!  And some of the favorite expressions she's used.  Write these down and use them  later!
Look at her style!  Miss Dee's still got it.
And ... another kid who wants to go to Dark Corner.  Sorry, Morty!  You don't go to school here!  But Randy does!  What a hottie!
There's Queenie!  Is she still a student here ... or another mom wanting to go back to school so she can have a vacation from home?  Yeah ... I think that's it.  Another mom looking for a day off.

And check out the cool page on the right ... it is reserved for some new characters coming to Dark Corner Week 2!
Queenie wants a close up.  And a cook.  And a housekeeper.  And window washers.  That's all really.  Oh wait ... and a pool boy!

Happy Dark Corner Week!

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  1. WOW, Mischelle - you've done an absolutely fantastic job on the Dark Corner Year Book! Such a terrific idea, but soooo much work!! Love your backgrounds and the framed characters. Their descriptions are hilarious and really bring them to life. Can't wait to see the rest!!!! xx

  2. This is adorable! Love your cast of characters.

  3. AMAZING and FUNNY! I would love to create more work for you by suggesting you do a tutorial on how you colour your characters. Would be fun to see you create a background, too! I'm just sayin'.....