#258 Lil Love Canvas' Gifts for my Girlfriends!

Friday, March 24, 2017

I have been working on these little beauties for quite a bit.  Girlfriend gifts.  We had an art retreat weekend and I wanted to make something special for each of my girlfriends.  It'd had been SO.LONG since we'd gotten together.
These days I start most of my pieces with a digi image.  One of the things I love most about working with digi images is that I can size them for any project I do.  That's pretty awesome ... because I LOVE making canvas'!  Lil Love is part of the Floral Park Collection ... my favorite collection so far from Vera Lane Studio.  I think I've used all of these girls in my creations ... especially the canvas creations!
This is just one of the stages I put my projects through.  Let's just say ... I have a LOT of stages!

I print my own sayings and LOVE adding bits and pieces laying around my studio.  I also added 'LIFE' under the Love ~ written on her heart.  And, I love adding dimension to my work so I put my main pieces on cardboard.  Isn't that a great effect?!

I felt kind of like a rock star when Stampington & Company published my first canvas in the current issue of Somerset Studio.

Again ... it features a Vera Lane Studio image.  Birdy.
If you're into Mixed Media, like I am, digi's are totally the way to go!  Having the ability to size my images to fit my project is priceless!

So ... my next artist retreat is coming up in April ... of course I want to make something for the girls ... but what?  I need some great ideas!

If you've never thought about Mixed Media ... I encourage you to give it a try.  You might fall head over heels in love with it ... just like I did!


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