#260 Dark Corner Week Continues on Vera Lane

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Remember Dark Corner Week ... well ... this week is Part II.  That's right.  Dark Corner Week II!  Yes, there really are plenty of us 'Coo Coo for Creepy Stuff' people!  {smiles}

I won't go into all the detail that I did when I originally posted my Dark Corner High School Yearbook.  You can click on the link if you want to see close-ups and get more info.  Here I'm going to reveal the blacked out folks and the NEW ones!

ABOVE:  It all started with Charlie Walker!
Check out Fly Trap 1 & 2.  Aren't they cuties?!  They are in a new collection called Zombie Accessory Pack.  Yes my friends, Zombie's DO need accessories!  {smiles}
Just a reminder of what was behind doors #1 and #2.
There's my favorite ... HAYES!  He's such a STINKING cutie!  And ... welcome, Hand.
Miss Dee.  I LOVE her!  She is everything FABULOUS!
And now you get the first look at TINK and TINKER!  OH.MY.GOSH!  These little oddballs have stolen my heart ... FOR REALS!  I have them featured in a journal spread that I will be sharing soon and I adore them.
 Tinker ...
And her sister, Tink.  Or ... we could call them Mischelle and Cathy (my sister)?!  Cathy will kill me ... unless I make her the cute one?!  LOL!
The Tinker Sisters ... LOVE this set!
Happy Dark Corner Week II ... and just for my mom ... I'll post something cute soon.


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