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Thursday, November 23, 2017

 I've been playing with inks ... trying to create a backdrop good enough for Hatter ... I'm calling this a 'work in progress'.  Who knows if it will ever be done?!  {smiles}
This is 2-page spread has really tested me.  I've wanted to rip the pages out of my journal way too many times ... we all have those moments ... right?!  The mushrooms may have grown a bit too large for this layout ... BIG sigh ... what can I say ... I learn something new with every project.
My images were all colored with Copic markers and come from a variety of VLS sets ... I count 5 at first glance ... but it could be even more!

I LOVE this layout.  It's clean, simple and easy on my eyes.  I already had the dictionary pages added to my journal ... I just added the cards with one of my favorite queens.  My images are printed on pattern paper from CTMH.  Printing on 'printed' paper really makes designing easy ... especially if you have limited crafting time.
Images are colored with Copics and ... the doodles are in black Sharpie.  Once I start doodling ... I can't stop.  I LOVE doodling ... it is VERY therapeutic!
So my saying is from Cheshire cat ... but I think it fits me (the queen) very well.  LOL!  Here are some of the yummy new sets I used from Vera Lane Studio:
Wonderland Accessory Bundle has 19 images in it!  WOWzers!  And they are REALLY great images for Wonderland and more!
Wonderland Set No. 1 has 10 digi images which are designed for Planner Clips!  So cool!  Hatter and the White Rabbit have stolen my heart!
Wonderland Set No. 2 also features 10 images that are designed for Planner Clips.  I LOVE this collection also!

Check out these DEE-licious collections at the Vera Lane Studio Etsy Store.  And look for the full-size Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum while you're there ... it is one of my favorites!

Happy Thanksgiving and God Bless!


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