#342 Love Is & Fisherwoman Journal Pages

Friday, January 18, 2019

Love Is has arrived in the Vera Lane Studio shop and she is a cutie!  I knew I wanted to practice some watercolor with her.  I am taking a Danielle Donaldson class and am using her book to practice some 'homework'.  I loved combining my homework with this little love!
She's such a cutie!  For this journal layout I actually printed her at 75% opacity ... meaning I wanted a touch more grayscale vs. solid black.
If you're familiar with Danielle Donaldson ... you already know that her colors are SUPER pastel and/or muted.  The HARDEST thing in the world for me to try and do!  I just stinking LOVE color!  {smiles}
I tried not to veer too far away from the task at hand ... so ... tried to do some fancy lettering with my saying.  Of course, I wanted a sentiment that spoke to me, and 'he loves me' was perfect!

I used my white Posca Markers for highlights.  My fine tip is just about dead {VERY sad day} so I used a larger one to add highlights to my circles.
So this is my finished page next to Danielle's.  Obviously, I didn't do all of the pencil doodles.  I did try ... I just wasn't feeling it.  I was getting tired and had already trashed one version of the girl because she was way too bold for my layout.  (Trash as in my scrap box).

My finished piece looks NOTHING like it should ... God bless me! I shall keep practicing!  It's been so long since I've watercolored with real watercolors and a paintbrush ... I really enjoyed this.  And now ... I see all kinds of things I could have/should have done.  LOL! 

I can say that this page is a bright, happy spot in my journal ... so glad I pulled out my watercolors.
My Fisherwoman journal layout was my first after stepping back into my studio after a year off.  As soon as I saw this image I knew that I HAD to create with it.
I adore her so much ... she is PERFECT combined with Matthew 4:19!  This is the first page in my 2019 journal.  It sets the tone of what I want to follow.
I colored the images with Copic markers ... I'm rusty for sure ... but it's coming back!  {smiles}
I adore these fish ... which is something I would have never imagined myself saying.  I used one of my favorite paper collections from DCWV ... that blue is SOOOOO gorgeous!  That being said ... I really, really struggled putting this together!
I tried to use some 'Janet' techniques to color my Fisherwoman.  (Janet is the owner/illustrator of Vera Lane Studio) ... perhaps ... I should have focused on getting reacquainted with my supplies first!  LOL!
The DCWV paper has gold foil ... so ... I added gold embossing to try and weave that thread throughout the layout.  I also used a gold rub n' buff.
I added some pencil markings and black pen markings in the background ... trying to add interest.  (It doesn't always work).  I used a white Posca marker for the white highlights and marks.
I added gold metallic thread for interest and for a 3d feel ... it needed something that didn't lay completely flat and moved ... thread is always a great solution!

I always like to include my own penmanship in every layout.  I don't always love it when I do ... but I find it incredibly important.  My dad passed in 1995 and now I treasure those things written by him ... to me, especially.  Reading something in his hand instantaneously brings him into that moment with me ... it's huge.  Do this ... write in your journals!

Have a BLESSED weekend,

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  1. Hello, Mischelle! I am so happy that you are back to creating! I follow your blog by email, and I'm so inspired by what has been arriving! Of course I'm a huge Vera Lane fan but I am loving how you're adding Scripture verses to your work! Your Fisherwoman page is fantastic! Faith Journaling is dear to my heart! I just had to pop in and thank you for your wonderful inspiration! :o)

    1. Thank you, Nancy! I appreciate your comments and feedback SOOOOO much! Thank you for the warm fuzzy! xoxo, Mischelle