#340 Faith Journal Collage Featuring All Heart by Vera Lane Studio

Friday, January 04, 2019

Happy New Year and welcome back to my blog!  I must admit that I was startled when I saw that my last post was dated December 21st 20-SEVENTEEN ... WOW!  I hope I remember how to do this.  {smiles}
My last post featured a couple of my favorite images from Vera Lane Studio (VLS) ... so ... it only makes sense that I kick off my New Year | Welcome Back to Blogging Ceremony with a VLS project!  I've also been fortunate enough to be asked back to VLS as part of the Design Team so this post today won't just be a one-time thing.  LOL!

I felt SUPER rusty as I stepped back into my studio ... I'm afraid it will take a minute to get the creative juices back in place again ... but it will come.

This year I am focusing my creativity on my faith ... which is everything to me.  I express my faith in different ways through journaling so I'm sure you'll see that here.  I will throw in some other projects but my Faith Book | Faith Journal is most important to me.  I can't decide what to call it?  Faith Booking or Faith Journaling?  At the moment I'm pointing towards Faith Journaling ... but I'm all girl so I change my mind like every 5 minutes.  {smiles}
The project I'm sharing today is Faith Journaling.  Sitting on a shelf in my studio was this GORGEOUS little Compendium notebook, perfectly sized about 4 x 5 1/2 closed, that's been waiting years for a moment of attention.  
It's such a special little book ... it can only contain projects that are special, and meaningful, to me.  

This first layout features All Heart ~ a new VLS collection that contains digi images to color, as well as, a collaged image already colored.  I've been wanting to give pre-colored, collaged images a go so that's what I chose for this layout ... and her coloring really captured the mood of this little book.  I LOVED how easy this project was to create with the pre-colored image ... YES!  I will be using more of these for sure!
I started this layout thinking about prayer, specifically, a prayer that I can keep and perhaps pass on to future generations.  I'm not the most eloquent prayer... so I just go with what flows naturally.
Not long ago I was reading about Elijah and Elisha in 2 Kings 2:1-14 and was especially taken with verse 9:

When they had crossed, Elijah said to Elisha, “Tell me, what can I do for you before I am taken from you?”
“Let me inherit a double portion of your spirit,” Elisha replied.

"Let me inherit a DOUBLE portion" jumped off the page and into my head!  You can ASK for a DOUBLE PORTION?  I wondered.  I had no idea ... nor had it EVER crossed my mind before.  It stuck with me and I have included this in some of my prayers ever since. 
I wanted to tie my prayer together with the saying that is included in this set.  It's such a great saying ... it wasn't hard to do!  (NOTE:  the spelling has been corrected in the collection). 
My original plan was to have part of my prayer peek through on the final piece ...
... but I was having so much fun it started to disappear.  

This palette of Distress Oxide Ink colors aren't my normal go-to's but I really enjoyed them.  I tried to pull each from the colors of my little gal. 
I needed to pop in some of the red and purple to bring it all together.  I really enjoyed the creativity part of this project.  Playing with my stencils and stamps was pure joy.
Spritzing the Distress Oxides with water has to one of the most fun things!  LOL!  It just makes me happy.  If you aren't familiar with these inks you an see what the reaction to the water looks like on the red and purple.

I took a break, came back into the studio and continued to add layer after layer of paint, ink, Stabilo pencil, ink ... you name it.  And I snapped no photos.  God bless me ... it's menopause!
By the time I was done ... this is what my page looked like.   I wasn't sure about the finished work at the time but I like her more and more every time I look at her.  This has a calmness that I enjoy.  (It's okay if you don't get calm).

It wasn't my intention to completely cover up my prayer so I decided to write it on the top page.  I like it here!
The beginning of this Faith Journal has begun.  (I like how that sounds).  Thank you for stopping by and I hope that something here inspires you to get creative.

God bless,

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  1. Welcome back to Vera Lane Studio, Mischelle! Love your first Faith Journal pages - the colours and stencilling make a fabulous background for the little gal! xx